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  1. hadi, you did not accidently purchase it from here, did you? http://www.simmarket.ir/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=traffic&product_id=98 that would be a pirate copy from an illegal vendor. regards.
  2. this should be corrected by the fsc devs on their homepage. but there is no way you could be misled into purchasing version 8 at simMarket, as that page is static and does not show a 'buy now' button making it impossible to purchase it.
  3. simMarket can only make the discount offer available to customers that purchased the previous version at simMarket. if the authors agree we can code a system where entering your previous fsc8 keys would validate you to receive the update price.... but this is up to the fsc devs.
  4. Facebbook integration now bugfree and working!

  5. should we have an MS-Flight forum?

    1. Burkhard


      It can only be speculation currently. But somebody who keeps track and alerts if any real information is available night be a good idea. What we don't need is a list of user wishes - since Microsoft will not ask for any external input before it comes to bug hunting usually.

  6. product support forums moderartos are set

  7. Giving Moderators back their Mod rights...

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