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  1. lvedin

    Gear command PMDG 737

    One shall use PMDG mouse-flag as parameters. I.e. refer corresponding mouse action in the VC. Event ID: EVT_GEAR_LEVER (works for gear up, off and down) Parameter: MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTSINGLE (this works for gear up)
  2. For me, this is absolute the best tip this year 🙂. There are 1000's of methods and offsets, but only 0x3110 did it, I should not have found in all doc's without pointing it out. Parking brake works and assumed all other as well. Thank's a lot Paul
  3. Hi ! Currently I use unregistered FCUIPC 5. P3D v4. PMDG 737NGX. Refer FCUIPC "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX: All offsets are READ ONLY. To change values please use the Events (known as "controls" in FSUIPC) as listed in the "PMDG_NGX_SDK.h" file which you can find in the PMDG 737NGX SDK. The numerical values of those controls can be used directly in button and key assignments in the FSUIPC4.INI file, or from Lua plug-ins using the ipc.control function. " Primary I want to know if any alternative is possible so I not try things that cannot be done, and what SDK document to refer. I want to send e.g. the PMDG gear-lever command, i.e. Control of "6576 1 BYTE MAIN_GearLever 0: UP 1: OFF 2: DOWN". 1. Alternative via Borland C++ 5.0. I do currently use FSUIPC_Read() and FSUIPC_Write(), but I do not understand if I here can apply "use the Events (known as "controls" in FSUIPC)" ? 2. Alternative assign keys for EVT_GEAR_LEVER 0: UP 1: OFF 2: DOWN. This would works almost as fine since I can send key-strokes from Borland C++. Is this possible in the unregistered FSUIPC5.INI ? I have read about Lua and tried SimConnect C++, but I take those as the last easy options. Best regards and thank's / Lennart Vedin.
  4. Can I ask, how FSUIPC internal communicate with Prepar 3D, is it SimConnect or an other interface ? The question come up due to people state that FSUIPC get incompatible on any P3D update version, while SimConnect is backward compatible.
  5. Hello ! I've start some development for P3D v4. Typical I want to control e.g. PMDG 737 such as Gear up/down, Flaps, cockpit view control etc. SimConnect C++ project fail working correct for me, so I wonder if FSUIPC for P3D can do about the same in a C++ project ? I did use FCUIPC many years ago in C++ via memory map and remember it worked fine. By the way vPilot works fine so the SimConnect is probably somehow fine in my machine it's just me nuts. Regards Lennart Vedin.
  6. The freeware is ready, but I suppose it will only work with the FSUIPC as registred payware now. The freeware will be "FSFixedPos" (EXE or maybe become DLL). I suppose I do need some kind of freeware-registration with a key approved by you, to make the freeware work also with FSUIPC freeware, right ?
  7. Hello Pete ! 1. I have one question regarding application for FS9/FSX. If I develop an application for FS9 using FSUIPC, will it then typical work for FSX user regarding the FSUIPC program-interface? 2. Can this freeware be used without require licensed FSUIPC by user, what is the procedure (what should I do) ? The freeware is small and simple. Some aircraft such as MADDOG MD82 does not stay at fixed position even on Idle and breaks on, and I made a fix so it not move forward under some conditions. The movement is annoying for many users. p.s. ( Some year ago I did work with a commercial via FSUIPC and did get a lot support from you. I'm sorry I abrupt quit the develop without notice, due to personal reasons. ) Best regards Lennart Vedin
  8. http://www.fsvpi.com/ (I got a much lower licence fee specific for my type of application) Sorry I did not know how the timestamp work or what was wrong, just tried follow your example without understand exactly what happen behind the FSUIPC codes. I didnt think or say FSUIPC is in error, I think something is in error, primary I did not understand how the timestamp should work. So I understand timestamp change once after a proper access. This may explane why it doesnt change, cause I didnt write signature correct. I will try later when I come home. I also now understand how you explain, it really need to write as few Process call as possible. I didnt know how much each call acctually make sence to save. Yes I do have an issue to know what I want to read, it's the egg and hen. I dont know what aircraft type/livery information FSUIPC can offer as read out, string or ID. I dont know what kind of aircraft type/livery information FSVPI support and accept. I have to try this out. Right now I just know I need to read out something and try this at FSVPI. I'll check out all your other info also and try out what suit my need. Thank you. I dont think so. I skip empty slots in the two first loops. Just did try to read out the string without the wait-loop, 'cause the wait-loop hang due to my mistake. ok if the char idATC[15] in TCAS_DATA can be used for FSVPI, then I dont need more.
  9. Hello Pete ! Info: I have fixed a solution for the Multiplayer function for my commercial product, using a "FSVPI" custom licence. Now I need to read out traffic using FSUIPC. The purpose is to copy all aircrafts from one PC with traffic, info next PC using Multiplayer. I seams read all aircraft positions without problem. But I get problem at read "ATC aircraft type, plus ATC aircraft model" string. Ref: FSUIPC version 3.48 . Document FSUIPC for Programmers 4th March 2005. "Reading full AI Traffic identity strings" "2. Read the timestamp at D008 (32-bit DWORD)" I tried first all code as your example but reading timestamp at D008 always return zero. Also if the first thing I do (after initializing) is just read timestamp at D008, it return zero every read. If I test read a 32-bit value at another offset e.g. 2E80, it return correct value 0 or 1. If I skip your step "5. Wait till the timestamp in D008 changes." and instead Sleep one sec, process all application messages and then just read "6. Read string result (up to 48 bytes including terminating zero) from D010." there is just zero in the string at D010. Additional info. Prior try read "ATC aircraft type, plus ATC aircraft model" string, I read aircraft ID as typical like e.g. -124 -87. And I pass this ID in "3. Write the AI id (from the TCAS table, see earlier) to D00C (32-bit DWORD)". Question 1: Is it correct that I should use command "ATC aircraft type, plus ATC aircraft model string." to get info what type of aircraft (type e.g. "Boeing 737", "Cessna 172" etc), or how to get most visual information about aircrafts ? Remmark. I dont know exactly what type of string I need, I have to try out. FSVPI can take e.g. just string "737" or an id-integer-number. Question 2: Do you have any idea, or can you say what to try, why cant I read "ATC aircraft type, plus ATC aircraft model string." ? Question 3: Where can I read aircraft pitch and bank, the doc doesn't say ? Thanks and regards ! Attach my code in case I have some obvious misunderstand: traffic.zip traffic.zip
  10. :oops: I've complete missing the document included in the product FSUIPC, but only look SDK pack. There is a hole lot of FS commands in the doc :shock: . I've only tried control by writing to other offset as in the SDK-doc. Thanks and Regards !
  11. Hello Pete ! Some Info: I proceed quite well with my commercial product. As well the market seams interested. I still have one main problem to find someone to solve the FS Multiplayer interface or do it my self. But the product can live without the fully Multiplayer option. Question: It's an other small issue but for the user could be quite enoying when select a new location in FS. If I via FSUIPC change the time a lot (e.g. offset 023B Hour of Zulu time in FS) the message-window [Loading scenery... Loading Trafic...] appear and all is fine. But when I complete change location (i.e. move to a complete new location in the world via "offset 0560 Latitude of aircraft in FS units." and "offset 0568 Longitude of aircraft in FS format"), I want the message-window [Loading scenery... Loading Trafic...] pop up, but it doesn't. Instead the aircraft seams fly to the new location in 100000 knots, jumping around at the new location with just part of the scenery. I did ask you this before. But later I did never find how to "send a Refresh Scenery control". How do I perform this, is it writing to an offset in FSUIPC ? Reference: FS2004, FSUIPC Version 3.48 and FSUIPC for Programmers 4 March 2005. Thanks !
  12. lvedin

    Programming weather

    THANKS A LOT :D :D :D It acctually works to copy the weather ! And thanks for info about FS ICAO data, I'll use that later. I copy one station only, and as you wrote, weather is not copied the same exact, but no doubt it come from the weather I did read. I intend to have the weather copying to work no matter how the source PC weather are set, I mean no matter if source PC set it's weather by FS weather menu, or addons like ActiveSky. One more question for now, conserning the task to copy weather: When I have found out current relevant ICAO weather to copy, should I also copy the "GLOB" weather so that if source PC may not have the requested ICAO data, then the global weather will be used instead of requested ICAO ?
  13. lvedin

    Programming weather

    Thanks for answers ! I just mean weather does not appear as expected but at least I see some changes. Questions: Does this mean read "CC00-CFFF (Area 3): Weather reading area" and set "C800-CBFF (Area 2): Weather setting area" for several ICAO stations ? Can I use those methods with ICAO code "GLOB" for both read and write, just to make more simply first tests ? Question: Are there any way to know which are the surrounding weather stations ICAO codes that make sence to read and write to copy the weater, are the surrounding weather stations ICAO codes available to read out ? Thanks and regards !
  14. Hello Pete ! I'm trying to copy weather from one PC into an other, somehow in realtime. This is one of the tasks I try to implement in a comercial product. I'm aware that weather will not appear exact the same, but somehow the same. As now I've only partly succeded by some uncontrolled weather setting or clearing weather (well I see something is happend :) ) Question: Reference "NewWeather ReadMe.txt , NewWeather.h". Am I at all trying to do the right thing by read the "C000-C3FF (Area 0): Weather at aircraft", send that data and write it into next PC by "C800-CBFF (Area 2): Weather setting area" using uCommand=NW_SETEXACT and chICAO="GLOB" ? Or what is the perfered method to use in "NewWeather ReadMe.txt" ? Thanks and regards !
  15. Thank you a lot for all information. :D WEATHER: Ok I do understand it will not look or act exactly the same in both PC. Primary I'm pleased if both PC has similar weather condition, updated like in FS "load real weather every 15 minutes". I'll try use FSUIPC "New Weather Interface for FS2004" relevant part for read and set, to transfer weather. TRAFFIC: I have thinking about the issue with traffic some days. Preliminary I thought presumably traffic can be set by FSUIPC. :( I want to copy the traffic independent if traffic come from FS-traffic, addon-traffic or from online player's traffic like VATSIM. To make good sense, airplanes must appear the same poitions in both PC. I'll try as you suggest and I will try to find a programmer, to cooperate (in %) for this DirectX MultiPlay implement FS traffic. Question: Can the traffic be read using FSUIPC, as number of aircrafts, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Pitch, Bank, Heading and aircraft type ? I have seen the WidevieW website. Since I will create a product, I can't buy WidevieW for each box I sell. As well I find it hard to cooperate with Luciano Napolitano about his implementation. The reason is, even if I don't intend to create same product, it will be difficult for me to prevent the user to use the product similar as WidevieW. DLL (no question, just reply as my info): Sorry I may explained bad, I did mean external created DLL (not any technical meaning). And I do pass a parameter "FS98MAIN" to a Windows SDK function FindWindow("FS98MAIN", NULL) with return me a handle to the FS2004 window. If I pass "DUMMY" then I get no handle. Regards and thanks again !

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