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  1. Are we closer to a solution now? - Its hard to find my way in Heathrow without FSC showing the correct taxiways. Mogens Gaardbo
  2. I dont want to change my whole windows-platform to another language than Danish, just because of one application.
  3. Bought the Tower 3D Pro today - without checking that my windows 10 allows speech-recognition. I thought, at the voice-recognition was a part of the Tower 3D Pro. As I have Danish language on my windows 10 platform, its not possible to activate speech-recognation. That means, that several important commands like 'taxi via ..' is not possible. According to the manual, you can only use many commands in voice-mode. So I could as well has bought the standard issue of Tower 3D. Have I missed anything in the manual?
  4. Look very much forward to that. This issue will surely and fast become a growing problem for many flightsimmers, who - like myself - is dependig om FSC. Especially finding way in unfamiliar airports. Untill a solution is found, I have given FSC priority by putting Heathrwo scereny and texture in P3Dv4 and activate it in Scenery Library. In that way its written to the scenery.cfg and FSC can find it. But this is a poor solution in the long term. It cant be a big problem to let the FSC-database-manager check the /Documents/Prepar3D v4 addons/ for as well as the conventional scenery.cfg.
  5. Just installed HeathrowExtreme from UK2000 for Prepar3Dv4. This scenery installs in Documents/Prepar3D v4 addons and connect to the simulator via an xml-file. I have understood, that this is the way Lockheed Martin want addons to be installed. But this also means, that the addon sceneries will not appear in the scenery.cfg placed in ProgramData - and so the FSC will not include it in the database. Result - the ground-map in ESC is not equal to the scenery. What is the solution for that? Its likely, that other manufactors of addon sceneries will follow ths new way to install sceneries.
  6. Now I have - using the eidtor - found ourdated Danish airlines; Maersk, Sterling and Cimber. In 'airline type' I have changed the final year to 2010 AND removed the marking of 'use in MyTraffic. The I have used hours running 'creating new scheduloes, files and traffic' twice. And those airplanes still show up in my airports. Its MyTraffic 2013.
  7. Yes, each version of DirectX should support previous versions - but FSX obviously don't like it :-) I got the error 'incompatible DirectX' and searched for that on the web. Found that Microsoft suggested to install 'DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime' which updated the current DirectX version for high-end multimedia and games. The core version is - according to dxdiag - still version 11. Strange World :-)
  8. YES - after another clean install of FSX, it works. The problem seem to be the DirectX (too high version for FSX) causing bad install of FSX. Found a solution for this at Microsoft, and now FSUIPC has installed with all the correct files and maps in FSX modules. Thankyou for your patience. The technical side of computer-programs is not my core competention.
  9. Now I got the FS Commander to connect with FSX, but f.i. the autoheading dosent Work. I can see the plane on FSC. And still no ini-file and no log-file.
  10. Now UAC is not active - and I have reinstalled FSX on my D:\ drive, updated with SP1 and SP2. Then run the latest FSUIPC setup as administrator. STILL the same files as described in my first question - no log-file and no ini-file. After setup, I gat the message, that FSUIPC was correctly installed.
  11. Thanks for the answers. Yes - UAC was on, but the FSX is not in the default location, but on another HD. Now I reinstalled FSX (for the 3. time) and will try again without UAC and as 'administrator'.
  12. OK - but why did the installer work and told me, that the program was installed? - why did the program appear in the addon-meny' - and why was I able to configure buttons via FSUPPC (and they were still configured later in trhe same game - just not after a re-open of FSX)? How is that possible, when I obviously did not install the program at all?
  13. I have just reinstalled my FSX including FSUIPC. But I think something has gone wrong. FSUIPC do nor create an ini-file - and my backup ini-file (with all my yoke setups) does nog affect FSUIPC - nothing happens accodring to this ini-file. Furthermore I have huge problems getting my FS Commander to Work - it will not connect to FSX, and I suspect FSUIPC to be the 'sinner'. Here is what files I have in the module-folder - also after trying to confugure som control-buttons: FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users FSUIPC4 History FSUIPC4 User Guide FSUIPC4.DLL List of FSX controls Mogens Gaard
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