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  1. First of All Thanks a lot for the wonderful forum.I am a die hard fan of FS simulator and have been playing it since FS98.

    I am really proud that we have such a dynamic forum .Guys,if you have any requirement for any airctraft please let me know.

    I have the OSKY Clipper C-40C with VC for FSX. I have a small request to you talented people.

    Can any one please help me for t...

  2. hello all , this is a real blunder i have created for my self !! heres wht happened ..! i decided i wanted Activesky 1.5 to load along with FS2002 , SO I GOT MY SELF FSUIPCRunoptions.zip, from José Oliveira on fsuipc site, AS WELL AS FSUIPC 3.75. after loading it it caused FS2002 to hang as Activesky would not load ! I tried to disable it , but it did not go away , I reinstalled my older version of FSUIPC now FS2002 crashes to D/top with a msg cannot load third party software G2D.dll , i disabled it in FS2002 .cfg File as sugested in the read me , i even removed it for the modules folder , STILL no luck as FS2002 STILL Crashes to Desktop ...! i disabled video bios shading as suggested in avsim forums, but this has not solved thiscan i request H/C to help me here and suggest further ..?? Ps I also re-installed fs2002 , so am probably also reinstalling the cause ?? Is G2D.dll a prog from your software or does it install thru ActiveSky 1.5. help required Urgently regds Rotor_blade/~