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  1. Hello Nicola, Thank you, for MTOW calculation, this is great news! About the discrepancy between desktop and web app: we tried today again. Please see attached results. While Vspeeds differ by few knots, the assumed temperature difference is huge. Vita
  2. Hello Nicola, I have got a chance to play with real Boeing performance app and it has very nice feature of calculating maximum take off weight you can have for given conditions. It does this when you intentionaly ommit the Takeooff weight entry. Do you have this on your roadmap? It would help a lot while planning for possible payload/fuel. P.S. Just a note - I am using web version of the calculator. Friend of mine bought Windows desktop version. As we fly in shared cockpit, we do our calculations separately and compare the results as we should do in real life. To our surprise, for the same conditions and aircraft selected (the 738) we got slightly different result. Have a nice day! Vita
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