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  1. Hello I am looking at this tool for purchase and could not find an answer. Rather than just entering the remaining runway length is there an option to select intersections in the drop down box when selecting runways? This is an option for TOPCAT but of course TOPCAT is very limited in the aircraft models it supports. I am looking at TOPER for the 777 and 737NG and would like to have that feature where I can just enter from the drop down box the most common intersections instead of looking up the distance and having to enter that for any runway. Is this a feature that is available or one that could be added in the future? Thank you
  2. I edit the fsx.cfg file to 100 for both, but if I press the toggle key and then quit, both get set to 0. Do I need to toogle it on again before quitting so it does not get reset to ?
  3. I did not change my traffic sliders the next time I started FSX again, and it put itself to 0%. Maybe an addon did that? I will test later on
  4. I programmed the traffic density toggle to a keyboard button. My last flight, before landing I turned AI off using the button, and then quit. Today I started fsx and both traffic sliders are at 0. I pressed the toggle button in game and only commercial traffic slider came back up. General aviation stayed at 0% If the toggle turns both off to 0 it should turn both back up to their last set number. Thank you for your great programs
  5. Thank you for the help I believe it is fixed now. I installed fsx on another computer, and copied over everything from the main texture and effects folders. Now no more crashes on exit!
  6. If adding the terminate time line fixes the crash on exit, that means it is a fault with the scenery or airplane? I really do not want to reinstall, any idea when you get a chance what I might look for?
  7. It crashes with a G3D error on exit when using FSX normally. When I add the line about force terminating, ASN hangs after exiting FSX and still says "FSX Connected" I just added what addons I use so you may see if there is a conflict somewhere.
  8. How do I setup ASN to start thru fsuipc? And is that line added under the general section? I submitted a ticket to hifi, maybe they can help me fix this. I have removed all other dll files from the xml's that are not used, it must be some conflict between PMDG 777X, ASN and FSUIPC
  9. It is asn, adding the line ForceTerminateTime=2 fixes it but then asn never diconnects after exiting fsx.
  10. I am having this problem with hanging on exit, and a g3d.dll error I will add the forceterminatetime line to the ini file. This started after updating to the latest version, 4.937b and ASN I run fsx acceleration, win7 64bit, active sky next, pmdg 777x, latest nvidia drivers. registered fsuipc.
  11. Well I don't get readings of 0 when full forward, I get something like, 4, 15, 8, etc. I calibrated them but they still show these numbers that are completely off and not aligned. What do I do?
  12. Pete, So everytime I try to calibrate my throttles it appears that they are 5 points or so off, so with 2 throttles in the same position one is 5-10 numbers above the other, I can see it in the CH control utility. Ive tried recalibrating them... no luck.
  13. Thank you for the response. It is definately a weird problem, but I nailed down the bug to ONLY when I use my hotkey for throttle sync selected in the FSUIPC menu. The problem isn't the calibration, I have calibrated them correctly or so I think, the problem is when flying I find it difficult to push both throttles together at the same thrust lever and difficult to get them to line up identical. Not sure if this is a problem related to the calibration, I have tried calibrating them using that utility and fsuipc to no luck
  14. Looking for some help, hopefully someone here can tell me if this is an FSUIPC problem? I was told the Level D team was looking into it, but until then I would love to be able to fly with my CH throttle! So when I use throttle synch, assigned as keyboard button T (because I cant seem to get the throttles at an even N level no matter what) the Level -D 767 goes crazy. It won't let me trim the airplane nor turn on the auto pilot. Would there be anything I can do or do I just hope they figure out what the issue is? Thanks for any help, Alex
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