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  1. Maybe I read that wrong. I thought that in one of the posts here I read that it was in beta.
  2. I just purchased Tower 3D Pro, Real Color, and a lot of DLC's this week. Now, I read that there is a new version in Beta. Will there be any kind of upgrade path for current users?
  3. I would also like to voice my support for this. I'm using version 9.7 in P3D V4 and certainly hope to see updated and/or new versions of FSC in the future for P3D.
  4. I just pulled the old database files from my weekly PC backup and all is OK for now. I won't run DataBase Manager until there is a new version.
  5. I see the post that says the current version of the DataBase Manager is not compatible with P3d 4.1. Is that the end of the story? After updating to 4.1, I ran the manager and now FSC will not work. Are there any plans to make the DataBase Manager compatible with 4.1?
  6. OK - it's not on the C drive. But, I can re-install it somewhere else - thanks, Rick
  7. OK - that's great Volker But, when I open Google Earth Pro, it gives me the error below. Thanks for helping, Rick
  8. I've read that FSC does not work with Google Earth Pro which is what I have on my system. I've tried to install "regular" Google earth and it doesn't appear to be available any longer. Any plans to make FSC work with Google Earth Pro?
  9. Thanks for the email Volker explaining that an earlier version was able to read fsAeroData files but the latest one cannot. I can live with that although it makes fsAerodata useless to me. Is it OK to ask why a later version doesn't do what an earlier version was able to do?
  10. Final post - thanks for the email Alan with the MT6 installer. Might be a good idea to add it as a "sticky" here? The sounds are great!
  11. OK - I fixed that part. Now, the sounds are there - just need to get the alias files set up OK.
  12. I use MT6 with P3D and purchased the program today. The installer installed the aliases OK but there are no sounds in the SimObjects/Misc folder. It does not create the folder and install the sounds that I see in the manual. Is there a step that I missed? Thanks!
  13. The one below is mine. You'll note that it uses a different bgl file that the one above which seems to suggest that FSC did read the fsAerodata information. I just sent an email with the file and these screenshots. My goal is to have the information in P3D match what is in FSC and if that means not using the fsAerodata that is OK. But, if there is a way to use the newer data and have it match, that would be even better - thanks, Rick
  14. Will do - that screenshot came from Jose at fsAerodata. Mine just shows one Dublin airport. I'll send you my folder - thanks, Rick
  15. Hi again Volker; I checked with the people at FSAD and, from the graphic below, FSAD files are read by FSC. The difference is that, in mine, the FSAD information for runway 28 is showing a MyTraffic bgl with the wrong frequency even though FSAD is on top of the scenery list. If I remove the MyTraffic bgl for EIDW, no ILS information for EIDW is shown at all. I use P3Dv4, the latest FSUIPC. no network, FSC 9.6 (rev 9), Navigraph Cycle 1708 (rev 1), Windows 10 Pro with two monitors. Any ideas how I can get my installation to look like the picture below? Thanks, Rick
  16. I flew into EIDW today and was cleared to runway 28. FSC showed the ILS frequency as 108.9 while the P3D map showed the correct (newer frequency) of 111.35 (updated via fsAerodata). FSC shows that it is updated with my Navigraph subscription to the latest cycle. Yet, the old frequency appears within FSC. I note that FSC is pulling the wrong data from a MyTraffic6 bgl file. So, I figured that I'd just delete that file. But, when I do this, no ILS frequencies are shown for the airport at all in FSC. If the MyTraffic bgl file is deleted for EIDW and FSCDbManager is run, shouldn't the correct information be found since it shows up in the P3D map correctly?
  17. Never mind - I picked up EditVoicePack and all is working fine now.
  18. Would someone be able to post their airlines.cfg file that they are using with P3D? I don't think that mine has all the airlines listed. Thanks, Rick
  19. My USEnglishBig.gvp file is the same size as yours and I hear some airlines but just numbers for some. Maybe it was always this way and I just didn't notice it in 2.5. I believe that the list in Airlines.cfg just populates the drop-down list when selecting an aircraft.
  20. It's OK - it's very easy to get it working in V3 just like we had to do with V2 at one time.
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