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  1. Sorry if this has been asked or if it's in the manual (I tried searching for this specifically). ---------------------------- I have always done the whole world-wide traffic compilation and export which takes many many hours (I do that over night and let the computer run it). I'm wondering if I can export little traffic files for short flights between two airports. Maybe 'touch and go' flights between a couple close-by airstrips (for GA flights). So the compiled result will just take a short time and be a small traffic bgl files separate from the main world-wide ones. I wouldn't want to
  2. Just thought I'd add this post here. I managed to add Kai Tak to FS2004 using the scenery ' kaitak98.zip ' . Dumping the airports from FS2004 and importing them into MyTraffic allowed me to redo the flights (only took MyTraffic several hours instead of the 8 or so I feared). See more "non-traffic" pics at ; http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.p127#378127 I saw some taxiing when I first tried it last night and opening that saved flight I got one more taxi and one AI landing which I missed seeing and only heard from the tower). I might let FS2004 run for hours to get some flig
  3. Thanks Husain... I just read this in another searched thread (although when I read that thread yesterday I thought it said this would take 15 minutes but it really said it would go through the cycle 15 times haha). I'll try it overnight. Thanks
  4. Hello... I'm having this problem with MyTraffic 2006 (v 4.0a) where clicking to "Create schedules, files & traffic" never seems to end the process. First the "Calculating capacities" window shows up and then the "progress" window shows up but this takes 20 minutes or so to finish but then another calculating capacities window shows and the progress window appears again (again taking more time for the progress bar to reach the right). This appears to keep going on. I added a file to make old Hong Kong's VHHX Kai Tak airport show up ( within scenery "kaitak98.zip"not named to indicate
  5. ThanksI'll try it soon but am busy with other things at the moment
  6. I thought maybe there still was default traffic when the tower said 'landmark' until I realized that was *me* in the Cessna Caravan haha :lol:
  7. I've actually noticed this too. I've only really tested it around Vancouver CYVR and set the radio to the tower and not much activity at all even though there were a number of planes at the gates.
  8. Maybe a silly question but where is the My Traffic Editor program. I have a MyTrafficX.exe , MyTraffic_Communicator.exe and TrafficDatabaseBuilder2004.exe I'm tempted to try MyTraffic.exe but I'm not sure it's the editor. In the manual it says to start the MyTraffic editor but I see nothing with that exact name so I won't start anything until I find out what it's called I'm wanting to delete an 'Air Labrador' B-1900 from Boundary Bay airport just near Vancouver International. There's no way that plane would fly 19 or so people all the way across Canada :wink: I didn't have anything to d
  9. Hi ... Installed MyTraffic for FSX and I'm wondering if I need to delete a default traffic file somewhere. Could it be the file " trafficAircraft.bgl.passive " or was that renamed .passive by the MyTraffic installation (seems to me). C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery
  10. Thanks ... It is fixed and I'm downloading as I type. Will be nice to have the MT2006 for FS2004 as I might just use it from time to time (especially at busy cities where FSX frame-rates are poorer ...or at night where UltimateTerrain's lights are desirable)
  11. Hello Thanks for having MyTrafficX available so quickly. My Traffic for FS9 has been great. I was wanting to buy the MyTraffic for FSX but after I get past the page where I put in my credit card number, it still says 34 euro instead of 24 euro. In my sim market profile it states I had bought MyTraffic 2004 and version 2.1 How can one get the upgrade price listed at sim market? Thanks! ---------------------------- 1 x B. RENK - MyTRAFFIC X - Delivery Method: Direct Download EUR 34.00 Sub-Total: EUR 34.00 included Tax: EUR 0.00 Total: EUR 34.00 ---------------------- MT2004 version 2
  12. I downloaded this set of 100 or so new Russian airports complete with afcad files. That all seems to work but there was no traffic. In MyTraffic , the airports list didn;t have these so I went into fs204 and from the top menu , dumped the MyAiports.dat from there. As it went through the 23000 airports the window showed as below; Then after leaving fs2004, I started the MyTraffic editor and opened "MT2004.myt" and then under the airport menu I chose "import MyAirport.dat" .... the following error box appeared adn My Traffic editor closed after I cliked that off ; I'd really like to get
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