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  1. Forwarding flight plan to FS9

    HI Volker Sorry for the misunderstanding. I think I have now mastered things and thanks for your patience and advice. regards Brian
  2. Forwarding flight plan to FS9

    Hello Volker Yes I did read the new manual but I don't think you are understanding what I am saying. When I select windows - options I then get tabs for Colors,Display,Flight,Online,Keys,and Downloads but the is not one for Flightplan. regards Brian
  3. Forwarding flight plan to FS9

    Hello Volker I have FSC v9.2, build 02-May-210. Airac 1206 May31-Jun27/12. FS2004 Windows 7 registered to Brian Lavelle regards Brian
  4. Forwarding flight plan to FS9

    Hi Volker I have now managed to work out how to create , save and load a flighplan However I still have no flightplan tab when opening windows-options regards Brian
  5. Forwarding flight plan to FS9

    I need to be able to load a FS Commander flightplan in Flight Simulator 9. regards Brian
  6. I am unable to forward a flight plan to FS9 because when selecting load/save the boxes on the right are greyed out so I am unable to tick Flight Simulator. Also when selecting windows - options there is no flightplan tab Any help would be much apppreciated regards Brian
  7. Traffic bgls

    Thank you for your help regards Brian
  8. Traffic bgls

    After installing My Traffic X and following the instructions I have In my FSX/scenery/world/scenery folder I have the following three files TrafficAircraft._bgl. trafficBoats.bgl and trafficCarriers.bgl. Could someone please confirm that these are the files that should be there, and if not explain what they should be. regards Brian
  9. Carr2006

    Can anyone tell me if Carr2006 is compatible with FS Commander 9 and if so how do you put the carriers into a flight plan regards Brian
  10. Carr2006

    Does anyone know if FSC9 is compatible with Carr 2006 and if so how can you put the carriers into a flight plan regards Brian
  11. Is FSC9 compatible with aircraft carriers (carr2006)? regards Brian
  12. Sound Problem

    Hello I have noticed a few topics in the forum where people say that they are losing sound when using FSC and I don't know if this will help. I have my screen set up as per attached screenshot. I set the FSC map to 'always on top' If i do anything on screen so that the sound disappears I click on the Flight Simulator icon in the taskbar and it returns. regards Brian FS2004 FSUIPC 3 FSC Version 9 Build 10.04.2011 Download version Windows 7
  13. FSC9

    Hello Volker. Thankyou the problem is solved' A good day to you and thankyou both very much for all your hard work in producing a very impressive addition to FS9. regards Brian
  14. FSC9

    Hello Volker Attached is a screenprrint of my options window regards Brian
  15. FSC9

    I have just purchased FSC9 and I am having difficult in saving a flightplan. When I go to Window/Options there is no Flightplan tab. Can someone please help. regards Brian Fs2004 FSUIPC3 FSC Version 9 Build 09 05 2011 Website download vwersion Windows 7