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  1. Hi all, I blamed the two big landclass BGLs to spoil the FSX sceneries at some locations all over the world, in all FSX seasons except summer. That was wrong. Although by removing those two files the funny looking WINTER text tiles were gone at the tested airport, a day later I discovered that the three islands of Hawaii west of Oahu were covered with very wrong textures. This bug vanished in FSX summer, but spoiled the fun of flying over Hawaii in January. In short, I've found that deinstalling the ORBX Iceland Demo returned everything to normal. The Iceland Demo deinstaller removed all of
  2. Hi Ruud, thank you for trying to help. However, it is not an error that should bother you in any way, because the error was present before I installed FScene4X and after I installed it. So meanwhile I decided to go the hard way: disable half of the addon sceneries in scenery.cfg, start FSX, have a look, then disable the other half of scenery entries instead, and so on. After a few hours of try and error, I found two landclass scenery files that caused the error. They are from October 2006, and I have no idea how they managed to crawl into my FSX addon scenery folder. Thanks again. Now I
  3. Hi flight simmers, for some time now my FSX displays strange textures at some places that show the text WINTER when FSX is set to winter (see image), SPRING or FALL in the other seasons. Some other textures look blueish like water, where normal green ground should be. Only when flying in summer season, everything looks OK. Today I bought and installed the FScene4X complete pack of textures, but still the text messages are shown at the ground. Can someone please help?
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