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  1. Derek, Where I use FSC for is showing my flightplan on a map and for looking if I'm flying into controlled airspace (online flight). If you use the maps only for the TA then you are missing a lot. On a map is also the missed approach procedures, lost comm procedures, minimum altitudes, circling minima and all of that stuff. If you use all off that then you realize that charts are a necessity for flying and using them will make your Flightsim experience more enjoyable. And don't forget it is more fun for the controller also if there is a pilot flying outbound or inbound who has his act (charts) together.
  2. Derek, For almost any airport in the world there are high quality charts available. Sometimes you can obtain for free the actual charts from the aviation authorities (I know for a fact this is the case in the USA, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain).
  3. Yes I did Volker. The thing that works for met is to add Userwaypoints on such a flight (doing one right now from Amsterdam to Sint Maarten). I make user waypoints lik 5220N. This is the best thing I quess.
  4. Maybe this one passed before. But here is my problem, Currently I'm flying an cross atlantic flight. But not on a Nattrack. The problem that I have is inserting waypoints in the latitude/longitude format. For example in the PMDG FMC you enter 59N 020W as 5920n. Somehow that doesn't work in FSC. I read the manual about userwaypoints but there must be a way arround this. Thanks in advance for the help. Martin Maaskant
  5. Thanks for the link Pete That was what I was looking for. Now I'm trying to move the files in your help file. Restore ownership to the trustedinstaller and run the repair utility from the FSX DVD and reinstall SP1 and SP2. I will keep you updated. BTW the steps discribed to move ownership to you instead of the trusted installer are the same to move ownership from the trustedinstaller to you. Problem is that when you want to move the ownership back to the trustedinstaller the trustedinstaller isn't in the list of accounts. Maybe you can add this to you helpfile.
  6. I've read the topic reinstalling cimmconnect. Done all the steps but simmconnect won't reinstall. I found this out when running FSX and the problem occurred that FSX won't load because it can't load simconnect.dll. When looking at the wnsxs folder I don't see new folders with the simconnect.dll. Maybe I got it wrong but when after running the repair function of FSX and installing SP1 and SP2 there should be three new entries. Piece of information that I had to do some tricks to get access to the winsxs folder. Ownership is now at the administrator and not with the trustedInstaller. Maybe that is causing it but I don't know how to set it back. So help is appreciated.
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