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  1. Hi Pete You are absolutely right ! I just finished my first flight with affinity = 3 :-)))))))) The problem was either the overclocking of the RAM or the DPI setting of my Razer Habu mouse, which I will try out tomorrow. Thanks a lot indeed kind regards Dirk
  2. Hello Pete I tested affinity with FSUIPC4.294: Affinity = 1 >> OK Affinity = 2 >> OK Affinity = 3 >> CTD during FMS configuration of Wilco Airbus 321 I'm going to do further testing on Wednesday Generally it seems that stability is improved Thank you for your great effort to support your superb program :D kind regards Dirk
  3. Hi Pete I'll try the affinity and the direct vs FS controls over the weekend and report the results Thanks and regards Dirk
  4. Hi Pete Everything is set to "direct" but the brakes and I'm using the MS drivers with my CH Products (yoke, throttle quadrant, pedals, combat stick (axes are switched on/off according to aircraft)) joysticks are switched off in FSX using the CH Product drivers, the coolie hat is unusable (view turns up and stays there - there seems to be constant signal repeating the value for "view up") next to FSX I'm running FSCommander, ActiveSkyX, Navigraph and Radar Contact Airplanes = LVLD 767, Wilco Airbus1 and Wilco B737 CTD normally occures after pushback, beginning to taxi (when I use brakes and rudder) CPU: Intel E8500 OC@4.03GHz RAM: 8GB Kingston DDR2-800 OC@850 GPU: Nvidia 9800GTX512 (1920x1200 for FSX) and Nvidia 8800GTS320 (1024x768 for FSC, ASX) MB: ASUS Maximus Formula (X38) Temperatures are OK, CTD occures without OC and with all combinations of 4GB RAM as well, latest Nvidia driver fixed msvcert.dll CTD thanks a lot for your help kind regards Dirk
  5. Hi Peter I have the same problem (FSX CTD with api.dll error) which only occours when the affinitymask is set to 3 (dual core cpu, vista 64) as soon as i set the affinitymask to 2 or disable one affinity in task manager, I have no crashes anymore can it be, that a CTD occurs if fsuipc and simconnect are loaded on different cpu's or get shifted from one to the other? Thanks a lot for your help and infinite patience kind regards Dirk
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