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  1. Hi Burkhard, thank you for your support. I solve the problem with a backup of fsx.cfg (tileproxy edited it during unistallallation) and then do all the required things by my traffic x (managing cfg, adding libraries..). Now my ai traffic finally appears again. Since you are so kindy, i ask you another question. The problem is that sometimes the ai aircrafts become trasparent (i can see only engines and gears, or some other parts, but not the full body of the airplane), and it happens with airport buildings too. Have you got any idea of that issue, could it be related to mytraffic or to a gen
  2. Hi, I was using MyTraffic 5.4c and the ai traffic was all around in all main airports with correct airlines etc.. Today I restart FSX (the only thing I do before restarting is uninstall tileproxy, that I did not use, and install 2 freeware addon aircraft), and suddenly no more traffic anywhere.. I check some big HUB airports with 100% slide, but no traffic at all, neither MyTraffic or default FSX. So, I start again MyTraffic Communicator and click on manage fsx cfg and add my traffic, than save and go to libraries in fsx and add my traffic, But nothing changes, still no traffic anywhere.. Th
  3. Yes I'm talking of ILS landing on 6 rnw. Ok I have tested it again. the result is that in about 50 minutes (from 5.50pm to 6.30pm): - the first 2 airplanes (landing at 6.10pm) are gone too long and missed approach (737-200, 737-700, both kenya airways) - than an A320 brussel air was landing well - a boeing Kc israel airforce disappears just before landing, (about 2 miles from the runaway) - the first 2 planes return for the second approach and now it goes well, perfect landing. - a 747-400 klm was landing ok. So maybe, both Burkhard and Kagazi are right.. the problem is where fsx sp
  4. Hi Burkhard, the problem still appears after 20 minutes, I checked it for about an hour. I think it is a 'my traffic' issue because no the default fsx or woai addon never had that problem. Please let me know if you have any news about, I fly a lot in Nairobi and with My Traffic is a pleasure with so much of airlines, but for that ugly problem..
  5. I miss to underline that the nairobi airport is the default fsx, no addon or mesh. Thanks
  6. Hello, I bought few days ago My Traffic X 5.4c and test it in Nairobi HJKJ. I noticed that the AI traffic during landing always miss the correct approach arriving too long to the runaway and then "go around". I see a lot of kenya airways airplane do that one by one. No one seems to be able to landing.... Of course the runaway is free and airplanes that are waiting for taking off are far distance to the runaway. The AI airplanes say "missed approach" to the ATC. Before buying My Traffic I had the World of AI packages and every landing was ok. (I have unistall these packages, so I don't think ab
  7. Hi, I've just purchase and install my traffic x professional 5.4c. I disable the default traffic (and see the traffic.aircraft.bgl as a ".passive" extension). Everything seems to be correct: when I load fsx and go to an airport I actually see only mytraffic x airplanes and airlines and none of default traffic, BUT, when I start SuperTraffic Board I see a lot of default aircraft listed and scheduled (orbit, world, pacifica etc..) on departures and arrivals, although they aren't actually there. In fact right clicking on these aircraft the "View aircraft" is disabled (it's say "no aircraft" or
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