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  1. Yes, I understand that as regards the different variants, 600,700,800, etc. But what I'm asking about is when a paint is added to a particular model, e.g. 700 model. All that is being added are the textures for the livery. That doesn't change the model itself. So short name should work, but it doesn't. Jim D.
  2. Thanks for the answer Pete. But it seems that the ShortAircraftNameOK=Substring feature doesn't work with the iFLY 737. At least it won't for me. I have each title using the same words, but on adding a new livery I need to do all the assignments for that particular paint. Buttons, keys and macros are not recognized by the new paint. Have you or other posters heard of this for the iFLY? Jim D.
  3. Hello Pete, First of all, I know how to use the SHortNameOK=Substring feature of FSUIPC and a great feature it is. But to get some of the functions assigned for the iFLY 737 I've had to create some 39 MOUSE MACROS in FSUIPC to perform functions that are not possible to assign through the iFLY key assignment feature or where some buttons and keys cannot be assigned by FSUIPC as they are not programmable in the iFLY seris. Does the ShortNameOK feature work with mouse macros? I haven't been able to find it if it is. At present I must go through each of those macros and assign them to each specific livery I add. I am hoping that the ShortNameOK feature will work with macro assignments. Your help is appreciated. Jim D.
  4. Hi Pete, Sorry it took longer than I thought to respond. It appears that different guages are used for different aircraft nessitating the need to make macros for each plane, unless you see something different. [Macros] Module="iFly737-800.GAU" 1=V SPD Dwn=RX1c2600*X5190 2=V SPD Up=RX1c2900*X5190 3=V/S=RX1c1630*X5190 4=AP ON/OFF=RX1bfe70*Xa190 5=Auto Brake Rght=RX2181c0*X8390 6=RTO=RX218210*Xa190 7=IFLY FValve 1=RX211010*Xa190 Module1="iFly737-600.GAU" 7=fuel valve 1=R1:X20f330*Xa190 8=Ver Spd Dn=R1:X1c1b80*X5190 Thanks for the help. Jim D.
  5. Thanks Pete, I'm not sure if the gauges are different in each model, but they might be. If they are, that explains the problem. I appreciate the explanations and I will press on. Jim D.
  6. Here's what appeared in the ini file after I assigned the buttons and keys for the IFLY 737. Then I made the macros as shown in [MacroFiles], except for #4 which I may have started and never completed. [Keys.iFly] 1=36,8,M4:4,0 2=35,8,1007,0 4=221,8,M4:6,0 6=220,8,M3:1,0 8=191,8,M4:3,0 10=222,8,M4:2,0 12=219,8,M4:1,0 [buttons.iFly] 0=P1,2,C65910,0 1=P1,3,C65911,0 2=P1,11,C65914,0 3=P0,14,C65752,0 4=P0,15,C66483,0 5=P0,16,CM1:1,0 6=P0,17,CM1:1,0 7=P0,18,CM2:1,0 8=P0,19,CM2:1,0 9=R0,21,C65966,10 10=U0,21,C65964,10 11=R0,22,C65971,0 12=U0,22,C65969,0 13=P1,4,C65913,0 14=P1,5,C65912,0 [MacroFiles] 1=IFLY AUTO BRAKE 2=IFLY FValve 1 3=IFLY FValve 2 4=IFLY The macros work with the 800 model as that is where I made the assignments but do not work with other models like the 700. So the question is, Can these macros work with all iFLY models without having to make assignments in each model? Or can I change the [MacroFile] heading to [buttons.iFLY] so they apply to all models? Just fishing here. Jim
  7. Hi Pete, Yes, I have the sections set up like that already and all works as it should. However, when creating a macro, there is a new section in the ini with the heading [Macro]. Should I delete the heading and move the macro settings into the proper section? I'll give that a try and see what happens. Thanks for the response. Jim D.
  8. I have just recently installed the IFLY 737 and have been making all the necessary assignments using FSUIPC. My question revolves around the following: Some functions on the IFLY cannot be assigned to some of the keys, e.g. [, ]' ", /, \, keys. So I created a mouse macro assigning those keys to a desired function. They work just fine. What I want to know is, if there is a way to have those macros work with other models of the IFLY 737. For example, I have macros assigned to the 737-800 and they appear to work well with all the liveries I have for the 738. But if I switch to the 600 or 700 models, they do not work. I'm not using Profiles. Since I have the settings for Substring in the .ini, is there a way I can get those macros to work with the various models without going through each model and remaking those assignments? All the other assignments transfer to all models, but not the macros. Thanks for the help. Jim D.
  9. As a registered user for several years now, I've always wondered if something is possible with regard to flight controls being assigned in FSUIPC. I make all control assignments through FSUIPC but since I check the box where it says "aircraft specific" this means that those assignments apply only to that specifc aircraft and the current paint scheme. Now for the same aircraft I have a number of different paints or liveries but need to go through the entire assigment process for each livery or paint. I use the PMDG 737 and have assigned all the MCP functions to the keyboard and they apply to all PMDG 737's and to the different liveries without having to go through assigning functions to each individual livery or plane. Is there a method of taking the assignments already done and have them apply to another livery or paint for the same aircraft thus saving time in going through the assigment process? I realize that there are not that many assignments to make usually so if is not possible no big deal. Just curious. Jim D. ilovetofly
  10. I'm not Pete, but did you check your sensitivities in your sim? I don't have my FSX yet, still waiting for MS to make good on their promise to the AVSIM conference attendies last Sept., but if there is a sensitivities slider, null must be all the way to the left and Sensitivity slider all the way to the right. At least that is how it is in FS9. If not, the axis movement is limited. Jim
  11. Hi Pete, Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on this. I still don't know what the problem was, but now everything is working fine. I may have had some conflicts. Flaps, reverse throttles and spoilers work fine. Only thing is that the throttle levers on the CH TQ don't line up along with the levers in the sim window. If my device levers are at the same position, the levers in the sim are at different positions, e.g. one lever is ahead of the other by a 1/2" or more. If I put them in the same position parrallel to each other in the sim, the levers on the controller are about 1/2"-1" out of parrallel. I calibrated them in FSUIPC and they show the same values, but I think it's just an issue with the controller on this particular AC. Doesn't happen with any other multi-engine plane. Since I use auto throttle anyway, no great problem. Thanks again, Jim
  12. Dear Peter, OK, I'm at my wits end here. I'll try to re-expalin my problem. Since you're the guru, as you my well know the CHTQ axes are designated from left to right as X, Y, Z, R, U, V. In MS they are X, Y, Z, X rotation, Y rotation and Z rotation. Trying to assign the axes with FSUIPC I get the following: X, Y, Z, V, U, R. The "R" and "V" do not correspond with the designations as set by CH on the TQ, but are reversed. OK, I can work with the designations as indicated in FSUIPC except when assigning the "R" axis (which is the far right lever and should be the "V" axis) to the flaps on the PMDG 737, the function is backwards. When the lever on the CHTQ is 'UP', the flaps in the AC throttle window are in the fully DOWN position. Checking the 'REVERSE' box in FSUIPC does not change anything. Moving the CHTQ lever to the DOWN position moves the lever inthe AC into the UP position. Also, I do not have any assignments made in the sim itself, all assignments are empty. I don't know where to go from here. As I've mentioned before, I've never been able to get the CHCM working. Maybe someone is willing to create a map for my TQ and Pedals. My yoke is gameport, not USB. I can list what function I want to the axes and the function of the buttons so that it can be programmed since it is all beyond me. Or I may be looking at a complete reinstall of the entire sim, although other aircraft are not affected. Only the PMDG737NG. Thanks again, Jim
  13. Thanks for responding Peter and I knew that it would be confusing. I believe the problems really began when I decided to try CH's Control Manager again, a program that I personally just don't understand nor can I ever get it to work properly. It messed up everything with regard to the controllers and cfg files I had made for each specific AC on my system. I restored my system to a couple of days before installing and trying to use the CHCM program and even though I'm having to reprogram each CFG, things are working properly. That is, when I move the V axis on the TQ (Z rotation in MS FS9) the proper control in the sim moves without causing an unrelated control to move as well. So I'll continue in this mode and see if I can't get the PMDG working correctly. If not. I'll be calling again. Thanks again. Jim
  14. Dear Peter, I posted this at AVSIM as well, but since 'you're the man', I wanted to see if you could help with this problem I'm having with the CHTQ and FSUIPC. This has to do with the FSUIPC module. I've set my CH TQ up for the PMDG 737NG6/700 series and now I get some funny actions on the 737's Throttle quadrant. I set the R axis for throttle on #2 engine, but when I move it, the V axis also moves which is assigned to "flaps". If I move the V axis, the #2 engine throttle (which is assigned to the R axis) moves, but the flaps axis doesn't move. I've checked the assignments in FS9 and the axis assignments in FSUIPC, and the throttle for #1 engine and the spoilers axis work just fine. Also, when trying to assign axis in FSUIPC, when I move the V axis, it shows up as the R axis. On selecting "ignore axis" it won't change when I again move the V axis lever and the V axis won't register at all. After going through some of the other axis letters, but not the V axis, I can't get any changes when clicking on "ignore axis". In the FSUIPC window, R axis keeps being indicated when I move the V axis and I can't get it to recognize the V axis as the V axis. I know this sounds confusing, but it is the only way I know how to explain it. Hope you can help. P.S. I did try restoring to defaults in the FSUIPC module window but that didn't have any effect. Thanks for any suggestions. Jim a.k.a. ilovetofly
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