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  1. No It's a desktop on which(by the way) I run Tracon without any problems.
  2. Hi Vic It is an Intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family Thanks
  3. Hi Recently bought Tower. St Thomas works fine but none of the other airports. Either they not initialise or startup freezes. OS Windows XP Service Pack 3 32 bit System memory: 2GB Onboard video 256MB OpenAll installed Speech installed Tower.log attached Thanks Johan tower.rar
  4. Hi Probably the STAR's waypoints altitude is to low. You can edit that with the Airspace editor. Remember to make a backup of the original sector before editing. Also check the manual on p 62 - 63
  5. So I sorted it out myself. Handoff from Tower only when Runway alt is under 200. That means one cannot use the alt as in real life.
  6. Hi everyone Im from South Africa and am currently developing the OR Tambo Intl sector. It's a big challange as it seems that the AirspaceEditor is configered for Northen Hemisphere airports. So far I created 4 runways and SID's and STAR's succesfully. Only problem I have at the moment is that the handoff does'nt work properly. With takeoff the plane's icon is D and not T. When doing a visual or ILS clearance the A automatically changes to T without any handoff. Someone have a solution?
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