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  1. Hello Have installed STB on FSX computer and launched it. STB was ok. So I've checked the settings in stb on fsx computer and on the deported pc. I've corrected it and now I have GA and Commercial traffic. But I can't have due time.
  2. OK. Got your message. have sent a reply.
  3. Hello Simon, What shall I do now ? Thank you for your help.
  4. "During the sessions you had trace running, where there any problems with asking UT2 to send data to STB? The "ctrl+alt+S" procedure in FSX or the UT2 pull down menu?" Perhaps last time I forgot shift + Ctrl + S.
  5. I've unchecked Hide Incomplete Flights with no change in STB. Saved my change and re connect to fsx. No flight in STB.
  6. If you need I install Teamviewer on the stb computer just tell me. I will do it.
  7. Have already Teamviewer installed on my fsx computer.There is no trace.txt file I've found two files modified today TrafficBoardFrontEnd.txt and crash.txt. The second one is due, I think, to ending FSX before STB. I enclose the two files. crash.txt TrafficBoardFrontEnd.zip
  8. Create trafficboard.ini in c:\Utilisateurs\Jean-Louis\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\STBDataServer with [Trace] True [Trace Flush] True [Trace Schedule] True Then have Launched FSX. Waited the flight has loaded and have performed a "compile airports". Has launched STB on the deported pc. CTRL SHIFT S and no aircrafts shown in stb. Waited few minutes and closed fsx ans stb. Have Tried to find StbDataServer.trace.txt without success on fsx computer even searching in all my computer. Tried to find it in the deported PC without success.
  9. Tried this : Advanced Member Members 1786 posts LocationEGBE - Warwickshire, England Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:23 PM OK, that tells me a great deal about the problem. And you are right, both problems are interconnected. The flights with the really large FSObjectID values (i.e. >3,000,000,000) are scheduled flights that have yet to occur (or at least FSX has yet to generate AI for), and the smaller numbers are real AI. The scheduled flights are being triplicated for some reason, so we need to trace STB-DS running on the FSX computer to understand why. Here's how to make a trace. 1) Locate the STB-DS application folder on the FSX computer, e.g. C:\Users\Simon Jones\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\STB Data Server 2) Create a file called TrafficBoard.ini in the folder and add the following contents: [Trace] True [Trace Flush] True [Trace Schedule] True 3) Shutdown and restart FSX if it is running 4) Once FSX has a flight loaded, bring up the STB-DS window and perform a "compile airports" 5) Connect the STB client, and see if you get the triplicated flights. 6) Close both FSX and STB client, and send me the STB-DS trace. This is in the application folder on the FSX PC, called StbDataServer.trace.txt. It might be big, but usually zips very well. Please email that to me, my contact details are at www.supertrafficboard.com Thanks Simon without success Can't find StbDataServer.trace.txt searching all my fsx computer.
  10. Oupss. This is not the good one. Don't understand. Copy TrafficBoard.ini from install folder to Appdat\flyingWSimulation\STB3 and lauched FSX then STB. Can't find the trace file in appdata folder ???
  11. Found how to make on the forum. Here it is ; crash.txt
  12. How do i create a trace ? Had posted on UT2 forum (http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=11317&title=launching-fsx-ut2-can-not-start). Everything is OK for them.
  13. Have made the modifications you asked : 1) Configuration -> Compile Airports 2) Configuration -> Settings -> Data Interpretation -> Level of Detail -> Summary. No aircraft appears on stb.
  14. I'am UT2 but added some AI Aircrafts from Woai (only repaints ans some models), aia, ... but no ai packages (Meaning full pack from woai for example). Then only software I use for AI Trafiic is UT2 and all is integrated in it.
  15. Hello Simon, Here is a print screen with select additional filter opened . And you can see only ga traffic in stb. .
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