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  1. Verkaufe 737 Yoke von ACE

    Hallo, ich möchte gerne mein 737 Yoke von Aircraft Controls Engineering verkaufen (Infos auf 737yoke.com), da ich das Hobby Flugsimulation aufgeben muss. Das Yoke kann aufgrund der Größe nur abgeholt werden (Raum Frankfurt). Bei Interesse alle weiteren Infos sowie Fotos per Mail : Wastl77(at)web.de. Kontaktaufnahme bitte nur per Mail, nicht übers Forum. Gruß Basti
  2. Hello Pete, thank you very much for your help! Actually i cannot test it, because i have to reinstall my whole pc (os, fs etc.). When everything is finished, i will try your advice. If i cannot set it up correctly, i would write you again, but i think its not too difficult. So thanks again for your great program and support! Kind regards, Sebastian Beier
  3. Hello, i have a question regarding the KeySend Facility. I set up my Joystick-Button number 2 for "Select for FS-Control" and then the KeySend 1-255 (WideFS). I then set Parameter 1 and Control to repeat while held. In the WideFS.ini i set [user] Log=Errors+ KeySend1=46 UseSendInput=Yes to "simulate" a DEL-Keypress on the client for Teamspeak2. In Teamspeak2 i set the DEL Key for Push to Talk. Is there a possibility to also send a keypress on the FS-PC Server? So that the Client gets a DEL-Keypress and the FS-PC at the same time while pushing the Joystick-Button gets also a DEL-Keypress? Because i would like to use the Soft-Mute Function in FS2Crew, which must run on FS-PC. Sorry for my bad English, i hope youunderstand what i mean! Thanks! Kind Regards, Sebastian Beier