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  1. Hi, thanks for your help in making it clear I really appreciate for your support. Thanks Lloyd
  2. Hi, Thomas thanks for the response no I did not obtain a new key from I didn't realise or wasn't aware fsuipc5 needs a key of its own. So does it mean I need to purchase a new fsuipc5 or its just obtaining a key without a new purchase? Lloyd
  3. Hi, I recently purchased P3dV4 and being a fully registered user of the fsuipc and wide fs since Fsx, P3d etc. I'm currently having activation issues having installed a fresh version from sim market version FSUIPC5 5.12 for prepar3D V4. 1.) When I run the installer from the extracted zip file it installs ok as shown in the below image: 2.) Clicking Ok it prompts me to select and choose the type of registration, I just select the two options FSUIPC and Just enter new registration(s) shown below. 3.) Next step clicking Go ahead I insert my registration details name, email and 12 character key. Pressing enter it's returning an error message ( Sorry, this Key is not valid for FSUIPC registration) as shown below. If I click cancel from the dialogue box above then it throws an error code shown in the image below. I have attached the FSUIPC5 Install.log Installer for FSUIPC5.DLL version 5.121b Looking in registry for Prepar3D v4 install path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Parameter"AppPath" ... >>> OK! FOUND Prepar3D v4! <<< ... AppPath=C:\Prepar3D v4\ =========================================================== INSTALLATION FOR Prepar3D v4: AppPath="C:\Prepar3D v4\" Checking version of the Prepar3D v4 EXE: ... Version (Need at least Checking if there's already a version of FSUIPC5 installed in: C:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\FSUIPC5.DLL ... Version 5.121b found. Prepar3D v4 Modules folder already exists. Okay -- installed FSUIPC5 into "C:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\FSUIPC5.DLL" Looking for the current user's Application Data path: ... found as "C:\Users\Lloyd\AppData\Roaming" Now finding \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.CFG for all users, including this one Looking in "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\All Users\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Default User\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\DefaultAppPool\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\DefaultAppPool.IIS APPPOOL\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\LDEEFSX\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Lloyd\AppData\Roaming" Found Prepar3D.CFG in "C:\Users\Lloyd\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.CFG" Now checking DLL.XML ... ... There is a previous DLL.XML, checking for FSUIPC5 section. ... FSUIPC5 section already exists but will be replaced. ... FSUIPC5 section of DLL.XML written okay Now checking for a SimConnect.XML file ... ... There is a SimConnect.XML, checking for "local" section. ... "local" section already exists, file not modified. Looking in "C:\Users\Public\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\TEMP.IIS APPPOOL\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\TEMP.IIS APPPOOL.000\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\TEMP.IIS APPPOOL.001\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\TEMP.IIS APPPOOL.002\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\TEMP.IIS APPPOOL.003\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there "Modules\FSUIPC Documents" folder already exists. Now installing additional files into the "Modules\FSUIPC Documents" folder: Installed "FSUIPC5 User Guide.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC5 for Advanced Users.pdf" okay Installed "The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf" okay Installed "Lua License.pdf" okay Installed "LuaFileSystem.pdf" okay Installed "Example LUA plugins.zip" okay Installed "FSUIPC4 Offsets Status.pdf" okay Installed "Profiles in Separate Files.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC5 History.pdf" okay Installed "Lua Plugins for VRInsight Devices.pdf" okay Installed "ASN WX Radar facilities in FSUIPC4.pdf" okay Installed "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf" okay Installed "Offset Mapping for PMDG 777X.pdf" okay Installed "Offset Mapping for PMDG 747QOTSII.pdf" okay =========================================================== All installer tasks completed. Registration dialog exit: selected FSUIPC REGISTER Providing FSUIPC registration dialogue ... Registration for FSUIPC5 was cancelled or failed! (result code 40) *************** End of Install Log *************** I have attempted to install and register several times with no success. I hope you will be able to help me resolve this issue, thanks in advance. Lloyd FSUIPC5 Install.log
  4. Hello, I hope you can help me, I'm refereeing to an old post from 2011 from this link : http://forum.simflight.com/topic/70239-can-an-axis-change-its-function-depending-on-a-button-state/ . At the moment I'm running Fsuipc 4.943 on P3d version 2.5. I recently installed Majestic Dash8 q400 on P3d I was wondering if what was done with reference from the previous post can be achieved with Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog controller.I have a 3 stage button toggle switch on my TSHW currently not being used which I want to assign for Axis change function button state use in conjunction with INCR and DECR lever on my Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog controller. So far I managed to follow the instructions I have pasted below what Pete posted from the previous post up to the text highlighted in red were I got stuck: Pete Wrote Quoted words in blue: "Actually, I may not need to. I thought of a very simple way to do this sort of thing, very flexibly. First, make sure your FSUIPC installation is up to date -- latest versions are supplied in the Download Links subforum. Then save the following as, say, "multiaxis.lua" in your FS Modules folder: function applyaxis(val) cntrl = ipc.readUD(0x66c0) ipc.control(cntrl,val) end event.param("applyaxis") and edit the FSUIPC INI file, adding this section: [Auto] 1=Lua multiaxis (if you already have an [Auto] section, add the line with the next available number). Now run FS. Go to FSUIPC axis assignments and assign the axis you want to switch as an "FS control", choosing this one from the drop-down list: Luavalue multiaxis Then go to the Buttons assignments and assign the buttons you want to use for selecting the axis use, on the right-hand side, as follows: Offset dword set, with Offsetx66c0 and the Parameter set to the value of the FS or FSUIPC control you want the axis to send. The controls are listed in a List installed in your FSUIPC Documents folder, in the Modules folder. You can use any control, but obviously only axis controls make much sense. Those are all either named "Axis ..." or end in "set". There are more controls, added by FSUIPC, and listed in the FSUIPC Advanced User's guide. BUT the ones you really want, for the purposes you chose, are currently only published in the "Changes" document included with the recent FSUIPC updates (see Download Links). They are numbered 64101 to 64144, and the ones you want are: 64136 steering tiller 64123 flaps 64122 spoilers/speed brakes Once you've done all this, exit to FS, select a mode using the buttons/switches you assigned above, then go into FSUIPC joystick calibrations and calibrate the axis for that selection. You'll need to exit to change the mode to calibrate each separately -- FSUIPC doesn't obey the button presses when in the options (for pretty obvious reasons). Note that this technique is extensible for any number of different uses for the same axis and, by using different offsets (66C4 is the next -- the range 66C0 to 66FF is free for users, giving 16 possible DWORDs to use) and renamed versions of "multiaxis.lua", can be applied to any and all axes. I've tested all this with FSUIPC 4.754 and FSX. Have fun! Regards Pete I only got stuck from the point of Parameter field highlighted in red above I didn't know what to put in I am completely new to LUA programming. I hope you can help ,thank you. regards Lloyd
  5. Hello Pete I'm having a problem with my brake pedals disabling my park brake when I depress the pedals. I'm using saitek combat rudder pedals, Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog control set and FSUIPC vers 4.934. It has been working all ok then this problem just started. I'm not using any default Fsx controls everything is disabled inside fsx, all my key mapping are done through Fsuipc and its a great software it has helped me a lot. The Fsuipc screenshot below is what I have as setting for my park brake which is working ok toggle on and off the park brake. The only issue comes when I have my park brake set and if I press the pedals it disengage the park brake which I'm failing to figure out why. I have cleared all the current park brake and brake pedals key map setting in fsuipc and start afresh assigning button presses axis configuration and calibration but that still that hasn't cleared the problem. From the axis configuration screenshot you might be wondering I have my Left and Right brake pedals set as one pedal reason because I had difficulty when I apply brakes the plane used to veer either left or right regardless applying the same amount of pressure on the pedals, so to resolve this issue what i did was set both pedals as one. If I press one pedal or both i remain in straight line hope that's clear what I'm trying to explain. I have been running Fsx since and it has been ok until yesterday this problem in question started. Hope you can help me resolve this issue,thank you. Regards Lloyd
  6. Hi Pete, Can you please help me I don't know if achievable what I'm trying to do. I want to setup a button on Hotas Warthog Joystick using Fsuipc to get free float panning camera zooming whilst in cockpit.I have tried setting it up in Button + Switches section, Select for FS Control and choose Zoom in and Zoom out but for some reason when I press the button on my joystick I'm getting a step by step zooming. How can fine tweak to get a free float camera zoom, is it settings in the Ezdok or Fsuipc I need to change? Cheers. Best Regards Lloyd
  7. How to get up to date traffic?

    Hi hope you ok I know this is an old post. I was wondering if you can assist me ,I have MTX Pro 5.4c installed and I don't whether if it's good to switch to My Traffic Live. From your comments it seems pretty good than MTX Pro. Do you any videos of My Traffic Live in action I can preview. Thanks Regards LdeeFsx247
  8. I will give a try put a specific name in the FSUIPC .INI [Profile xxx] and see if i succeed.I'll give you a feedback .Thanks you... ;-) Lloyd
  9. Hi Pete thanks for the response,apparently regards my second question on deceleration I had this resolved yesterday after a long struggle and yes the problem was FSUIPC related.I posted this question on Avsim were 2 guys pin pointed FSUIPC. I was doing everything correct in terms of V1,VR and V2 speed rotate procedure,sometimes I would even lose thrust just after hitting 80kts on the runway happened twice yesterday.Anyway there seems to be a bug either with FSUIPC or 737NGX,when you setup your controller only need set your throttles up through FSUIPC that is assigning the axis, but in the second stage -DO not Calibrate, make sure they're not calibrated and that seemed to have cleared my problem. I never had this issue before maybe the update 4.93 I suggest you can look into it. Cheers...!! ;-) Lloyd
  10. Hi pilots I have a question regards FSUIPC 4.93. How do I setup a profile to apply to all my 737NGX fleet livery.Something strange is happening, I did setup fsuipc for the one my 737NGX using profile specific everthing was working all fine.The moment I change to fly another livery all my controls are not responding I have to go into fsuipc again to select for that particular livery and choose through options to apply. The other funny thing happening is the moment I spool my engines to N1 40% engage TO/GA off I roll on the runway,V1 rotate at about 300-400 AGL my aircraft is decelerating losing power, AT is armed green light all settings configured correctly.I don't really know what going on any help would be appreciated Thanks Regards LdeeFsx247
  11. Hi I'm also having the same problem....By the way how did you uninstall UT2 can you send me instaructions I cant find the uninstall link. thanks
  12. Hi everyone,I'm new to FS commander I was wondering if you can help me. I'm getting stuck regards flight planning since my route I'm trying to fly has no SIDS and STARS for both Depature and Destiantion airports. I have put my route in flight plan using Low Alt Plan but with the weather injected it's forcing me land using RNW 23 downwind, but instead I want to land into the wind using RNW 05. I'm not quite familiar with customising my own waypoints. I have tried inserting some waypoints for final approach but its not accepting it. Is there by any chance you can plan this route for me including the best Transition and approach you recommend I can use.I want to see where I'm getting it all wrong.Below are the details of Flight Plan: Dep: FVFA (Victoria Falls) Arr: FVHA (Harare Int Airport) Route: FVFA VLI18 R779 VLS G652 GADBA M652 VSB FVHA Kind regards Lloyd