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  1. Its intressting learning how you solved your arrivals/departures. I always play 75% arr 75% dep. This is for arriwals on rnw 24 R & 25 L and depatures for 24L & 25R. Here is my tactics: Northern and western arrivals (STARs: GURMAN4, SADDE6, i immediatly climb to 7000 or more for not interfering with depatures towards the north. After SMO, santa monica i decent to 6000 and let them contiuo with 070 heading to about 10-15NM from LAX where i take them for a right base with a right turn to 225 where i approve for ILS approche. Nothern arrivals i route by ElMonte towardws MERCE for ILS. Eastern arrivals are usually head on straight away and are almost instantly on a heading for an ILS approche. South East and South arrivals (LEENA4, MOORPARK3 )are usually at good altitude and are routed by SEAL beach with an heading of 340 and about 2/3 of the way towards the centerline i command a 270 heading for ILS approache. About departures i never let northwest headings climb until way past SantaMonica due to incoiming traffic. The same about depatures (SEBBY7, HOLTZ9) - they often interfer with departuring traffic as they are on a short cut from LAX on there way towards Holtz. Remaining i usually immediatly let climb to 11000 - 13000 depending on whos going first and what planes comes next. WWhere they going... some climb slowly due to full loads and far away destinations...
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