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  1. Dummy engine

    I am looking into possible solutions for a problem I've had for a long time. My virtual airline uses VAFS(VA Financials) as their ACARS. The problem is where the ACARS client doesn't recognize the Majestic Dash 8 engines starting up. My first idea was to see if FSUIPC could somehow be used to send *dummy states* to fool the client. One set of parameters for an engine start and another set for a shutdown. The second idea was to modify the aircraft.cfg to add a default cessna engine. This dummy engine would ideally be weightless and have no effect on the aircraft flight dymanics. What i am looking for is not necessarily the exact method but more for someone who can tell me whether they believe this could work and is worth investing sometime trying to figure out the details. Regards. John.
  2. Ok, this is about 1000 times better solution. there ya go!
  3. Your problem is the connection to fsx. temporarily disconnect FSC from the sim(watch out for autohdg), do your changes, then reconnect. not graceful but it will prevent the map from jumping back to your current position. During the minute it will take to change the plan, just fly current hdg. /regards
  4. norton 360

    I might be wrong here but i think something else is going on. MH690.A is a known threat. http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2009-020600-4945-99 I think the issue is that he is affected by a virus and some or all of this go will away by removing it. /regards
  5. I had this happen to me as well. It seems the window is there but off to the side. Go to the program's install folder and find a file called location.txt or something like. Delete it. relaunch booster. when it gets recreated change it to readonly. done. /regards
  6. FSC will run in a separate window from FSX. You will have to alt-tab to and from it instead of hotkeying inside FSX. You can also run it on another networked pc via WIDEFS. regards.
  7. FSX auto throttle problem

    A shot in the dark here. Pitot heat maybe? /jl
  8. Sort of... You can bind the keys directly in the PMDG FMC. Go to PMDG options from the main menu and look in there. The binds you've made in FSUIPC will work fine with most addon aircraft but not the PMDG. /regards jl