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  1. I suspect most users would agree that the B777 models in MyTraffic (2013) bear little resemblance to the real aircraft, and are almost unrecognisable as B777s. As the B777 is one of the most common heavy aircraft at international airports worldwide, I wanted to replace most of mine with the much more recognizable and realistic Fruit Stand models. I have found a successful though fiddly and time-consuming method for doing so now, and have replaced both -200 and -300 models for about 30 major airlines which service my part of the world. The results are very pleasing! If anyone is interested I am happy to provide a simple tutorial. The first shot Old_B777 is the MyTraffic aircraft for comparison (Saudi Arabian) showing the very poor modeling especially around the extremely unrealistic APU exhaust. The second picture New_B777 shows the new Fruit Stand -200 replacement for the MyTraffic JAL aircraft. The model is clearly a B777 and has the signature APU exhaust accurately modeled on the rear fuselage. Models of all major airlines using the B777 series now feature in all the airports I most frequently use, and look great!
  2. ozzieblr

    Opening doors and holds

    Sorry - the plane is the E-Jets2 series - E170/175/190/195
  3. ozzieblr

    Opening doors and holds

    Thanks scoobflight I am using FSX and this gauge did not solve the problem. The only solution was cx_cargo_door gauge which places an icon in the cockpit to activate the cargo doors. Other doors on the right side do not seem to open at all.
  4. ozzieblr

    Opening doors and holds

    Can someone please advise the commands for opening doors other than the main cabins doors (Shift-E)? No other commands seem to work (Shift-E-2 -3 -4 Shift-Q Shift-W Shift-T etc.) and I have not found a panel or gauge to control the doors. Many thanks, ozzieblr
  5. Yes - I have the same problems with the McPhat liveries.
  6. I have been frustrated with the fact that the red beacon flashes in the cockpit of this series of aircraft. Have there been any updates provided yet by feelThere? Is there a bug fix for this problem? Are there any bug fixes for other external lighting problems (can't control landing light textures or logo light textures)? Regards, ozzieblr
  7. I have the E-Jets 2 software installed, but have some faults with all the lighting textures for all aircraft. 1. Some of the aircraft such as the house textures for the 195 do not have complete lighting textures at all. 2. My main concern at the moment is that even if I create the textures for the 195 lighting and they look correct on the plane, the logo and landing lights will not switch on and off with the 2D or VC cockpit switches - they remain on all the time. 3. The 190 and 175 roll-out liveries do not have any landing lights for the fuselage. 4. They do have the logo light textures, but they do not switch on or off. 5 The 170 seems to have all the textures but again landing lights and logo lights are constantly on. 6. The two left doors and the front cargo door are much lighter than the surrounding fuselage at night and I have not found a solution to that problem yet. 7. Is there a fix for any or all of these problems? Regards, ozzieblr

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