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  1. Ok, late last night per a post I read, I went to the MT/scenery folder and removed 2 KED bgls and left the one that has a Acceleration reference. I then saw a batch file with the words acceleration in it so I ran it also. I just started FSX and it appears to have fixed it. I said the same thing a few days ago so I will wait awhile before I claim victory. Thanks for the assist.
  2. I found someone who also had this issue and he had to remove the kedw.bgls. I would hate to lose my ai there. Late last night I saw 3 entries with KEDW in the MT scenery folder. I am planning on removing/renaming them and seeing what happens. BTW- During my initial setup of MT I saw something pertaining to Aceleration and I checked it. Appeared to run a batch file. Running Acceleration which bgl should be used? I will try and post a pic later
  3. I just bought the update yesterday and my computer is getting hammered. For the first time in years I am getting stutters. The traffic slider does indeed add alot more. My airline and general traffic are set at 10 % and I am getting a big performance hit. Even at 10 however, alot of traffic is being shown. I cannot imagine running alot more even if my system could handle it. You could probably jump from wing to wing. I am still trying to find that sweetspot but 10 and reduced graphics models is all my system can handle.
  4. Hi, Ive messed with this for a day so forgive me if the answer is in front of me. I saw it mentioned in a FAQ but the link is dead. Yesterday I upgraded to the latest MT ver for FSX. The taxiways from the tower North up towards the shuttle are jagged and scrambled. Take MT away and it returns to normal. May be other issues but this is my homebase and it bothers me. I had this issue before but it went away. Returned a few weeks ago. Buying and loading the latest MT ver did not solve it. Ive ran a afcad duplicate program but before I really screw it up thought I would ask first. Scenery files,afcads ect are not my strongpoint so keep it simple. Thanks, Jim
  5. The card is a 7900GTX with 512. Nothing Ive tried seems to have any effect on the problem. Changed the bandwidth multiplier,fiber frame fraction ect No biggie just tired of seeing black planes. I might just need to head back up to Alaska for some bush flying. Thats one thing FSX does well. Wide open areas with no buildings,cars or people for miles and miles. Thanks for your replies
  6. Hmmmmm, Dont think my system is starved. The terrain,autogen,clouds,external views ect all load in a instant. The only textures not loading are the planes. I turned down EVERYTHING,autogen,buildings,traffic, vid card settings trying anything to reduce the load and still the planes are black. Over flying atlanta for example, everthing looks and loads quickly but all the planes are still black and not until Im overhead do they fill in.
  7. I did lower the fiber frame fraction but will raise it to default. Its kinda sad that even with a system like this, with all of Matts texture reduction mods,fsx.cfg tweeks,reduced sliders, 3 ghz proccesor,512 gig vid card,2 gigs ddr2 ram,raptor harddrive that still the overall performance of fsx is average at best. :roll:
  8. Hi, All my ai planes are black and the textures do not load until Im right on them. Another wierd thing is if I watch one of the ai planes take off, some dissapear completely just after liftoff. Also noticed a few planes which are not totally black, are very blurred. Again, not coming into focus or being drawn until they are right on top of me. For the most part though, they are all black until I get right on them. I will not get into the the total lack of traffic or in alot of cases,almost no activity at alot of smaller feilds. Amd FX-62,Asus M2N32 Deluxe,7900GTX,Raptor 150,2 gigs Kingston HyperX. System is tweeked,Oced with the latest everything. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Possible- This is how I remember it. I deleted and reloaded. No AI,went to a carrier, PLANES. So now I was desperate and ran across that file. Clicked it, PLANES at bases. Who knows cause I was trying alot of things. Anyways, LOVE IT. This is what Ive been looking for. Ive bought scenery bases but they KILLED FPS. Also running FSgenesis, 75% of bases are unusable due to the terrain changes. Now I have all the military planes I want with very little performance hit.
  10. I stumbled across the answer. There was a msdos batch file in the airplanes folder, something vis. Took a chance and clicked it on. Now I have planes. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Just got fs miltary ai and all the mil planes are missing. The scenery library has myworldairports/myworldobj/carriers listed as 1,2,3 as priority. The trafficmil.bgl is in the scenery/world/scenery. Carriers have no planes and none at any bases or flying. Any help appreciated. BTY-I have ultimate traffic also. Thanks
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