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  1. i guess i'll better wait then. thanks alot!
  2. doing a search on this forum and looking at the MT manual i can't seem to figure out how to replace the paint. can i even do that myself or do i have to wait for the update? thanks!
  3. i noticed it on the 320 family. have to check the others...
  4. pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeee........ :)
  5. if i may jump in here, i have fsx and myraffic installed under win7 rc1 64bit and it works fine. i found a trick to add the scenery manually inside fsx by going at it as normal first. then when i click ok it goes into the folder as Burkhard describes, there just click inside the folder window and it will close. sounds funny but it works! regards,
  6. hi, is there any chance that the logo on the US Airways aircraft will be corrected in the future? i am referring to the right side tail fin where the flag is the wrong way around. this applies to, as far as i can tell, the entire fleet. thanks!
  7. hi, another one: the flag on the (right) tail fin on US Airways aircraft should be the other way around. the screenshot is actually from 5.1a but the 'problem' still exists (on the entire US fleet). thank you!
  8. may i join this conversation? my problem is also that the ATIS contains i don't how many runways (it takes forever to listen to the ATIS) that do not exist. is that supposed to be? i have no problems with opposite approaches. but i haven't had much time to fly since i have had MT installed (FSX). thanks
  9. hey, i was sitting at LAX, checking out my newly installed MTX. first plane to taxi out to the active was an LTU 330. i gotta say, VERY impressive looking plane. great model, great paintjob, at least two steps forward from fs9 / MT2004. but then i am starting to doubt myself... A330, center main gear??? well A340 yeah, but 330? so i had to do a little bit of research, and >phew< i am not going senile. then i went to Philly, to confirm that the US 330 have it, too, but they don't. so it seems that not all 330's have the center gear. maybe a difference between the -200 and -300 in MTX
  10. cool. at first i was a little worried that this WAS the new 320. going back to the forum, however, looking at the screenies, i realized it wasn't. that was definately good news, because the 737 for example looks so awesome. the 320 reminded me more of the fs9 days... thanks, guys. regards
  11. hi, i just installed MTX 5.1 (i was waiting for that release before purchase so it was a fresh install) and have one question. there are so many repaints for the A320 posted here that i thought the new model was going to be part of 5.1. should the new model be in ver 5.1? or still the old one? see attachment, this is what the A320 looks like on my sim. thank you!
  12. hi, excuse me for jumping in here. i am thinking (if you guys are talking visual models) that the 767 (i believe it´s the -300 not the -200 series) should be worked on because just looking at the nose gear you might think it´s a Super Connie. ;) also a lot of planes have their main gear doors open on the ground which is unrealistic (this hasn´t been that way prior to v2.1). other than that i am happy with the looks of the AI, considering everything looking better would impact the fps, which nobody wants to happen... thank you. regards,
  13. do you have the MyTraffic editor? you really should if you are running FS9. regards
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