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  1. No, don't worry then, Adam, - I need the 727 fairly urgently so I'll do it "quickly" before climbing into the comets.
  2. Thanks guys @Adam: I was about to get stuck into the 1965 Orange Tail SAA B727-200 because I actually need this one for a particular airport scene. However, if you would like to do it, I will back off, since I have a few hundred Comet repaints still to do before the Mytraffic 5.5 deadline. Please let me know ASAP
  3. I went overboard on this paint and spent far too long on it, but I really wanted to get it right. I'm particularly pleased with the metal underbelly despite not being able to use an alpha channel for reflectivity. It's the 1964 "orange tail" version the the SAA Boeing 707-300 - the "Johannesburg". This image above is a direct screenshot from the ModelConverterX workspace. This program is great for quickly checking accuracy and texture positioning, but IMHO it doesn't really show how the paint would look in the simulator. And the textures: texture.My64.zip
  4. Ah ha... ModelConverterX... hmmm I must take a look at that.
  5. Nice work, Adam How did you manage to get the stewardess out of the plane on the Kulula paint? I particularly liked the dirt and paint unevenness just above the wing pods - you see the effect clearly on the actual texture map - and no doubt in the sim as well when you get up close. We painters sometimes just have to create paints of a particular model where a different livery already exists. (Like the Kulula Zippy livery that I made for the 734). Perhaps they could be included in an extra "bonus" zip file in the next MYT version for those who are prepared to create an additional airline
  6. Ah, now I see what you mean. :cool: So it seems you already had a comet model 8 years ago. I didn't know that. That must have been for FS2002 or FS 2000. Do these old textures actually still fit the new model exactly ? It seems that there are even more liveries than merely these 12 - but not that many more - if we are still limited to one livery per airline. I will therefore re-do all the paints. However, these previous paints of yours will certainly help as a reference. As you say, they are usable but won't really do justice to a brand new upgraded FSX model which are so much better than t
  7. I will try to complete all 12 Comets by then. (I said "try" not "promise" :mrgreen: ) Es tut mir leid, Burkhard, aber ich verstehe dieser commentar nicht ganz. Sei so gut und bitte erlautern weiter.
  8. Great, thanks for the model and blank texture. At first glance, all looks fine. I see that you have listed 12 variants in the .CFG file. I will take on these 12 liveries as my next project - just as soon as I complete two oldie SAA repaints which will be uploaded shortly. How much time do I have before your MyTraffic 5.5 deadline?
  9. Burkhard, I think you have misunderstood my question. I am not referring to the DXT1 file in the texture.my00 (also called Comet4C_t.bmp) In the texture.blank folder, you have a single 32-bit BMP file (not a DXT1 file) called Comet4C_t.bmp. This is a single layered file in the sense that the Tail logo, the BEA Logo, the Stripe and the windows are all on one layer and not separated. Obviously when you first worked with this picture you must have had at least an image with the windows alone, or more likely separated from the other items via layers in your original Photoshop file. In previous
  10. Hello Burkhard It's coming along nicely, I see. I notice that Comet4C_t.bmp in the folder texture.blank is a single-layered file. Do you have this file split into layers or do I make my own paint kit? Take your time with the remainder - I have a couple of oldie SAA repaints I still want to do before getting stuck into the comet.
  11. And finally, East African Airways completes the series of nine VC10 Paints. and the Textures: Texture.My08.zip Err... Burkhard, how is the Comet coming along?
  12. Here is the penultimate VC10: Ghana Airways And the textures: Texture.My07.zip
  13. In the FSX version of Mytraffic (5.4b), there is an option in the communicator (under Configure My Traffic) to "Install aircraft models for historic flights". In the P3D version of Mytraffic (5.4b), there is no such option in the communicator. Is there some other way to do this, or must the files be extracted manually?
  14. Yes please - A Comet would be great. :razz: There are only two more VC10's to go to complete the entire series, and I'll try to get them done this week (unless I get diverted again :mrgreen: )
  15. Here is the next VC10: Air Malawi And the Textures: Texture.My06.zip
  16. I have the same problem with incredibly long take-off runs - both in FSX and P3D. Burkhard, I tried your fix in P3D, but the only effect was to make the mirage climb more or less steeply. Maybe Hi1pie can have a go and report back.
  17. If you ask nicely, I'm sure Burkhard would send the zips back to you. Zu Befehl, Chef. Bin gleich da mit neuen Lakierungen.
  18. If you are using Wideview and Widetraffic then 4 cores helps quite a bit
  19. Hi1pie (Can't seem to find your name :razz: ) Do you send your repaints directly to Burkhard? I ask, because I would love to see your paints as they get done - it's encouraging and stimulating to see how another painter has overcome a certain tricky problem. I find it especially difficult to produce really nice paint-jobs on Burkhards AI models because a 1024x1024 map is a really small canvas. Ben (BadDog73), It's great to hear from you again. Welcome back. Can't wait to see your latest paints here on the forum.
  20. As you have no doubt gathered, an old codger like me likes painting old liveries, so I will try my best to give you lots of oldie repaints this year. Any progress on that Comet model?
  21. Thanks Skippy The remaining VC10 paints will be completed shortly. Before the end of January - promise. My painting production output is a bit slow at the moment - still in the process of setting up a Prepar3D multi-PC "cockpit" setup. I really didn't realize just how much work it would be to set up a 7-computer system which works primarily on P3D with two machines linked to it using FSX. Every addon, utility, patch and tweak has to be installed multiple times and often customized for each particular machine. However, it will be back to paining once it is all done. And then to make a star
  22. Hello All I've been sidetracked recently building a multi-monitor/multi-computer FSX setup. Oooh, flightsim is such fun! It's sort-of working now, so I can start making some Mytraffic paints again. Here is the next VC10 in the series - British United: and the textures: Texture.My05.rar
  23. Here's something for Ian, the "Grumpy Old Mod" . This is indeed a VC10 but it's not "time-machined" - it is (I believe) currently flying in this livery for the RAF. The livery commemorates the 95th anniversary of 101 squadron and 50 years of service for the VC10 from 1962-2012. Brize Norton runway in the background And the Textures: Texture.My04.zip
  24. Here's the British airways VC10 (Note the word "airways" is not capitalized). Guess how this picture was made... (no photoshop involved) and the Textures... Texture.My03.zip
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