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  1. Regarding the manual, it was a tongue in cheek joke, hence the smiley. I agree that one should read the manual this is not however what would normally be required just for installation of software I will however take that criticism on the chin and RTFM and make sure that,in future, I sign off with my name. Sorry for not following forum etiquette, I will consider myself duly chastised. Alan
  2. Volker you need to be aware. When I first tried to run FSC, I used the search facility on the Windows 8 specific touch screen symbols that appear on the right of the screen, I've forgotten their name for the moment. I then ran FSC9 and got the errors as reported. If however I go the directory structure using explorer and run it from there it appears to work.
  3. I've given up on trying to load this on a networked PC for the time being but I wanted to get an idea of what the package has to offer so I haver attempted to put a copy on the PC that is running FSX. I ran the Database Manager and all appeared to be OK but when I try to run FSC I get the error "Database for FS 2004 missing or incomplete. Please choose different FS opr run DB Manager first" I ran the DB Manager again but the same error appeared. Quite what this has to do with FS 2004 I'm not sure.
  4. The simple answer is no but in my defense I have set up other client/server type apps that use FSX data without having to do all of this, they just worked after installing both client and server software. Read the manual? Men hating reading manuals :-)
  5. Thanks for the quick response. I think the issue may be a networking problem. I cannot see as far back as the root directory and therefore C:\FSX from the XP laptop, it only sees document, picture folders etc.so I can only map a drive as far as that. Further info: FSX De-luxe loaded in C:\FSX on PC running Windows 8.1 FSUIPC Version 4.929 currently running fine in FSX on PC running Windows 8.1 FS Commander Version 9.5.net (Build04 January 2014) on laptop running XP SP3 Provider and Airac Cycle - I don't even know what that means Not too familiar with Windows 8 so not sure how to proceed.
  6. I have a paid for and registered copy of FSUIP and I have recently downloaded the free version of FS Commander to see if it meets my requirements i.e. to run on a networked laptop other than the one running FSX. When first loaded the application runs the Database Manager but it only gives me options to search for files on the local drive. The file selection options stop at the root drive. The networked laptop is running XP Service Pack 3 and other networking functions appear to be working OK so I can see the PC that is running FSX.
  7. OK, now I understand. My stupid mistake. I hadn't realised that the profile is created around an already loaded aircraft, I was under the impression that I was creating a profile independantly. Thanks for your help. I'm very new to all this and it has been a steep learning curve.
  8. Thanks for that. Unfortunately I've posted again elsewhere because the thread was not where I originally looked. Sorry, I'm new to this. My specific problem is that the manual says that when you tick the "Profile Specific" box that you should be presented with a drop down list from which to select another action. I don't see a drop down list. How do I go about creating another profile. Am I misunderstanding this.
  9. 1. I'm running FSX De-luxe edition on a Windows 8.1 PC but seem to be having a problem with purchased copy of FSUIPC. The manual says that when creating profiles, on ticking the Profile Specific box a drop down menu should appear enabling me to either cancel or create a new profile.This only appeared the first time I experimented with creating a profile. Now all that happens is that that particular profile name shows up in the heading bit I don't get the drop down menu. 2. Before I splash out any more money on a yoke etc. can anyone confirm that the best way to program key assignments is to totally delete all the assignments in FSX and start again in FSUIPC. I'm sure I read that somewhere but can't remember where. I have concerns that not all of the FSX commands are avalable in FSUIPC although I can't for the life of me bring one to mind at the moment.
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