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    I make an AS350 cockpit.
    With 9 FI gauges, one I/o Modul and a lot of LED and button :)
  1. Hi, I find a good solution, I use private Offset<short> pause = new Offset<short>(0x0262, true); // Example of a write only offset. pause.Value = 1; after the slewMode.value=0; And it's good for me. Because with my other program I need a pause button, like this I can turn off the pause mode. Thank you again for your help. :) Gwenael
  2. Hi Paul, Thank you a lot for your answer. It's work. Now I just need to stop the plane, because with the altitude the plane fly or I just need to place the plane over the runway without move :) Thank you again. :) Have a nice day. Gwenael
  3. Hi Paul, Thank you for your answer. It's a mistake from me, i would like to write 1000meter :) And a double mistake, so sorry, I use this offset. private Offset<long> playerAltitude = new Offset<long>(0x0570); // Offset for moving the plane So I've tried the solution two but the plane is still on the runway. Yes, I have the "FSUIPC4 Offset Status.pdf", but I'm little confuse with this. sorry. I work on this every day to progress :) Thank you again. Gwenael
  4. Hello, To start, I'm using v4.934 of FSUIPC. I try to change altitude of the plane. I test that with an example of FSUIPC of use. It's FSUIPCClientExample_CSharp project. slewMode.Value = 1; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); // Make a new point representing the centre of the threshold for 27L FsLatitude lat = new FsLatitude(51.464943d); FsLongitude lon = new FsLongitude(-0.434046d); FsLatLonPoint newPos = new FsLatLonPoint(lat, lon); // Now move this point 150 metres up the runway // Use one of the OffsetBy methods of the FsLatLonPoint class double rwyTrueHeading = 269.7d; newPos = newPos.OffsetByMetres(rwyTrueHeading, 150); // Set the new position playerLatitude.Value = newPos.Latitude.ToFSUnits8(); playerLongitude.Value = newPos.Longitude.ToFSUnits8(); // set the heading and altitude playerAltitude.Value = 1000; // Here I try to put the plane over the runway FSUIPCConnection.Process(); playerHeadingTrue.Value = (uint)(rwyTrueHeading * (65536d * 65536d) / 360d); FSUIPCConnection.Process(); // Turn off the slew mode slewMode.Value = 0; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); // Refresh the scenery sendControl.Value = REFRESH_SCENERY; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); // Reenable the timers this.timer1.Enabled = true; this.AIRadarTimer.Enabled = this.chkEnableAIRadar.Checked; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); So I try to put the plane at 1000feet with this line : playerAltitude.Value = 1000; But the plane is still on the runway. I don't understand why. I use this offset : private Offset<long> playerAltitude = new Offset<long>(0x0570); // Offset for moving the plane Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, Gwenael
  5. Thank you Pete for your fast answer. You are right I use an AS 350 from Nemeth Designs. I will search like you say maybe with a plug-in. Thank you again.
  6. Hello, I'm trying to make the Caution/warning Light Panel(CWP) of the AS 350 (see picture) For example, TWT grip is twist grip, I've search in FSUIP4 Offsets Status.pdf but I can't find this. Or MGB TEMP, main gear box temperature too. Do you have an idea why ? I use for PITOT, offset 029C. For DOOR, I use 3367. The both work correctly. But for other example, for fuel it's 3BDF from Panel failure modes , or from Fail mode 0B6C ? Thank you in advance for your reply. For information, to do this Caution/warning Light Panel(CWP), I use a I/O Modul (GSA 10) from flightillusion. So I use their program, GSTEPControl program V10. My version of FSUIPC is 4.928.
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