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  1. Hallo Burkhard Yes, I have FSX - SP2. Peter
  2. Simon & Burkhard I tried it yesterday with another nightflight from LSZH (Zürich) to LSGG (Geneva) - MyTrafficX 5.2. On the ground in Geneva: - some tales from the AI-plane are allways lighnet; some others only were lignhnet when I turned ON my panel light in the Level-D 767! So I allways turn ON my panel light after touchdown and all the tails of the AI-planes are lighnet (with light!). Peter www.cheeseair-va.ch
  3. Hi Burkhard I enjoi very much the new Version 5.2 for FSX. Tonight I did a night flight from LSZH to LSGG. What I observed is that passing by with my plane by the AI-planes on the airports at night is that the TAILLIGHT of the AI-planes are ON an when I get closer with my plane, they turn OFF. Is that normal or a little bug? Thanks Peter LSZH / Zürich / Switzerland
  4. Hi Burkhard Allready installed and tested. Yes have AI-Traffic in VHHX; thanks. But I am running FSX under Windows-XP and so I do not have DX10, but I think the planes are also in DX9 much better than in version 5.1b; is that right? Thanks Peter LSZH
  5. Burkhard Allredy downloaded (24 Minutes with DSL 5000); no problem. Will install it tonight. Did you include AI-traffic in VHHX in version 5.2? Thanks Peter LSZH
  6. Hi Burkhard Thanks; so I will buy the "Incremental update from Version 5.1b to 5.2" from Simmarket and download it from there. I did the last update to 5.1b via aerosoft. But from now on I will update it via simmarket. Thanks for your super product. Peter LSZH www.cheeseair-va.ch
  7. Hi Burkhard I saw in some forums that the version 5.2 of MyTrafficX is out. Do you know when we "boxed users from aerosoft" can get this updates? Thanks Peter LSZH
  8. Burkhard Thank you very much; I am very happy with this product and expect the next update to 5.2. Can you tell me the main changes that you realize in Version 5.2? Peter
  9. Hi When do you plan to release the version 5.2? Will this update also be valid for the boxed version from aerosoft? Thanks Peter CEO Cheeseair-VA http://www.cheeseair-va.ch
  10. Hi Burkhard Your update for VHHX works very fine for the FSX-MyTrafficX BOXED Version from aerosoft. I replaced / added the files and have now super-AI-traffic in Old Hong Kong! Thanls Peter / LSZH
  11. Hallo Habe auf 5.1b upgraded und möchte sehr gerne auch Traffic in VHHX. Versuchte es schon 2-3 mal aber ohne Erfolg. Gibt es denn keine detaillierte Beschreibung wie man vorgehen muss um in VHHX auch AI-Traffic zu haben. Is there any detailled instruction how to create AI-Traffic in VHHX? Besten Dank Peter / LSZH
  12. Burkhard Will the 51b be also for customers with the boxed version? Peter
  13. Hi Can I export the airport database, include VHHX airport and import it again? Do I have then AI-traffic acording to the VHHX-addon AFCAD-file? Peter
  14. Hi Burkhard Thanks; the manual is for MyTraffic2006; is this also valid for MyTrafficX?. You mean the Maual with the Q/A? I asked because I thought tht anybody has allready created AI-traffic for VHHX! Peter
  15. Hi I installed MytrafficX 5.1a in my FS X (SP1) under Windows-XP and it works super. As you know MS did include the closed KaiTak airport in the FS X; I also installed an addon freeware sceney to enhance VHHX. Unfortunaltly MyTrafficX does not create any AI-traffic there. Is there any way to change that? Thanks Peter
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