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  1. No, I didn't need editing the code for the runways, I just needed it to add the airports, to avoid troubles when adding the runways later in the editor. Starting with the example I mentioned, it's easier than it seems. I also needed code editing to add shorelines. I use notepad ++.
  2. Thank you! That should help with the limits of the sectors. I started with this example: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76196-tracon-2012-how-to-create-a-sector-heres-an-example/ I've done most of the work with the airspace editor, but editing the code was also necessary at some points. It's not easy anyway, but I did it in three days, so it's possible.
  3. I´m preparing a new airspace (Gran Canaria approach) including two airports (GCLP and GCLB). I'm almost done, but there are three details left: 1) I can't find the limits of the sector and the sectors surrounding it. I know the frequencies, but not the exact coordinates. 2) I can't find the names of the VORs "GDV" and "LPC". In some lists both are listed as "Gran Canaria", but obviously I need to differentiate them somehow. 3) I don't understand the mechanics of the local flights (gaandlocaltraffic.txt). I need it to have flights on GCLB, which is not used by airliners. The rest (runways, SIDs, STARs, waypoints, updated real flights...) is already done, so I'll be really thankful if someone could help me finish it.
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