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  1. Go-Flight affectation

    Thank you very much ! I have delete the file "GFDevFSX" and the gear not operate. Thank you for your forum I wrote a lot of program learning lua thanks to you. Benjamin
  2. Hi, I program my Go-Flight modules with the LUA language. For GFLGT2 I do not understand because the software go-Flight nothing is affected, yet the control of the train and the rudder trim still works in FSX. Do you know how completely remove assignments Go-Flight software, so I can do my program. I'm doing my programs for the following modules: GF-RP48, GF-166, GF-46 GF-P8, GF-T8 For them I have not had this problem. So I stuck my last module GF-LGTII. Thank you very much
  3. Virtual Joystick

    Hello, Using VJoy I declared a virtual joystick. (http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/) I can control the "joystick" with autohotkey script. But I wish I could write the value of the trim for example in one of the axes to virtual joystick with FSUIPC or LUA ... Thank you very much, Benjamin