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  1. Thanks Pete for you response. I searched for an earlier topic, but could'nt find it. Sorry for that.. Anyway, I'm waiting for the update. Kind regards,
  2. By creating a 'profile' you can assign buttons and switches etc. to a specific (group of) plane(s). So I tried to create a [programs] section in the specific profile.ini file but the programs that I declare in that section do not load or execute. If I declare these programs in the [programs] section in the main ini-file than they are loading or executing just fine. Is it possible to make a [programs] section in a specific profile ini-file so that I can run specific programs for a specific profile? I hope someone can help me with this
  3. Thanks for your quick response!! I will look into it and hopefully can get the PoKeys to work propperly.
  4. Hello, I'am using P3d v4.3 and I want to use PoKeys cards to build my cockpit. After reading the posts in the forum about the problems with luacom.dll I still can't solve the problem with connecting to this luacom.dll. Everytime I start the lua it comes with an ERROR saying that it is not a valid Win32 application. What can I do to resolve this problem? Can anyone help me? Please keep in mind that I'am not a programmer but with a little help from my friends I think that we can solve this problem Thanks in advanced. init.log init.lua
  5. Thanks Thomas for your quick response. I will look into it and hopefully I get it working.
  6. Moved to Main Forum. Please ask question always in Main Forum ! Perhaps an odd question, but is the new version (5) of FSUIPC compatable with the Pokeys ethernet version (57E). It it possible at all ?? or must I use the USB-version of the Pokeys- cards? Thanks for your reply
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