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  1. hey burkhard.. I am a proud user of my traffic x pro 5.4C...hen i came to know about the release of my traffic 6..i was happy and sad..the happy part is that it is still upgrading and fully active..the sad part is that i have to spend an extra money to buy my traffic 6!! There is no free upgrade for any existing users..this saddens me..:( The main reason is that i requested you to provide some changes in liveries...please see the post below: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77910-request-of-change-in-livery/#entry472886 Now i wont be getting these since i cant buy my traffic 6...is there no way there is a provision for users of my traffic 5 to get a rebated update? also what are the change log from my traffic 5 to 6? thanking you govind
  2. tht order number is for FSPS ultimate crew 2014...they asked so i mentioned it!! ;-) cheers Govind
  3. Ok thats fine....also jet airways which i mentioned in my first post is also reepainted in new liveries in B773 and in some A333...but jet airways has 80% B738 which are all painted in the old livery in MTX5.4C. Hope in future updates it comes with new updated livery. Thanking you Govind
  4. glad tht u liked the feedback...so i hope in next update..i can expect the new livery... :cool: Also etihad livery is also being changed....try to incorporate that too...and even new american airlines livery( though i prefer the old silver body..) Govind
  5. I use the wide screen models since i always play FSX in full screen and never in windowed mode.. waiting for the new 2014 schedule...:D
  6. Respected bukhard... I have a request regarding change in livery of a particular carrier in India. The carrier's name is jet airways. In my traffic x5.4 C...It is still in the old livery..its livery has been changed since many years still the new livery has not been incorporated in the new MTX5.4C version. The old livery was: The new livery is: Its my request that in some time if possible ..please give the replacement livery packs for jet airways.....the old liveries in the airports looks wierd. Thanking you Govind
  7. Thankyou graham. For time being then i will stick with 2013 schedules...they are kind of lmost accurate. Govind
  8. Oh..k...so when is the 2014 schedule releasing as the MTX5.4C has default 2013 schedules right? When can we expect the 2014 schedules to be released? Govind
  9. burkhard...does using my traffic live lead to any ntdll.dll crash or anything??? also how to use my traffic live shedule??
  10. and burkhard in the next version..please also fix the error associated with 2013 schedule...if 2012 schedules are not giving any problem..then some new model, schedule or texture in the 2013 version is creating the problem i guess... govind
  11. the patch didnt fix the crash burkhard...for me..i had to change to 2012 schedule...please kindly release a bug free version enabling to use 2013 schedule... thank you govind
  12. Burkhard....i continuously had ntdll.dll crashes in fsx for past 3 days...!! the crash increased after applying a patch(not the above given one, one downloaded from fsrail.com)....The flight was not even loaded and before itself it crashed with ntdll.dll error! as the fsx loads to 100% immediately it crashes...all with ntdll.dll error. So i decided to disable my traffic x and then guess what no more crashes! So i decided to install SDK finally to change the schedule to 2012 schedule , did a fresh reinstall of my traffic x and then again guess what...the crash no more appeared...no n3dll.dll error...i did not had the crash with 2013 schdule for about many days and all of a sudden it started from the last three days.... i had to change the schedule top rectify this and even following 3 continuous n3dll.dll crash..my pc itseld switched off..then i switrched it again and it worked fine... There is some serious error in my traffic x 2013 schedule...so i kindly ask burkhard to release a newer version rectifying all these error and enabling us to use 2013 schedule.... as of now i am running fsx on 2012 schedule...i hope no crash occurs! *fingers crossed* PS: the cause of this n3dll.dll error is completely unknown!!! and non reproducable...some people have it , others dont, and for some it starts all of a sudden like mine...and then keeps on appearing..
  13. I got continuous ntdll crashes!! So I removed aircrafts...using the my traffic GUI...thn I installed SDK...and copied traffic data base builder.exe...and thn rebuilt the traffic...now I will change the schedule to 2012....as 2012 is giving no ntdll.DLL crashes to others...!! 2013 schedule is the worst!!! I got continuous crashes and lastly my computer itself crashed!! All due to ntdll.DLL...thn after removing and checking...no crash!! So I was forced to install SDK yo change schedule...hope 2012 schedule works fine! Phew!!
  14. so bukhard....does running the patch to 5.4C eliminated CTD crash? The most imp observation if i didnt observe crash anywhere else...but in LDZA-EHAM route at all conditions! very confusing... Should i install the patch?? or does reverting to 5.4B completely eliminate the CTD 100%?? iin tht case i have to install SDK too!! which is another issue! :???: :evil:
  15. i have not saved the flight situation ...but i can definitely confirm...that i did the flight from LDZA(zagreb) to EHAM(schipol) 4 times at different times (mostly night) and all the 4 times it resulted in crash at different points in the flight. Out of these 4 ..i did 1 flight without ASN and still it crashed. I have never experienced CTD before installing My traffic x..so i am concluding some combination of my traffic x and 5.4C in this particular route is causing the crash. To those users who would like to repeat this flight, Use vroute to generate a flight plan between LDZA and EHAM for crusing altitude of FL290. only a single flight plan is avaliable. then load tht flight plan in fsx and do the flight to see whether others are seeing the crash like me. Also i have to say i used time acceleration in all the 4 cases (max 4x, for a very short time)...can this also lead to CTD? PS: in no other route, did i have CTD even on using time accleration.I have no idea y this particular route is having this problem. Also Burkhard...u had mentioned about a patch released to 5,.4C...Does this patch fix the CTD issue in MTX5.4C?? in tht case i will run the patch and see...also i am not wishing to change to 2012 schedule...so please find a fic to this crash problem so that i can continue using 2012 schedule. PS: yesterday night i did a flight from zagreb to hamburg and even after having a GO around and thn land...no crash occured, which concludes that zagreb -schipol route is causing crashes!!and the crash is not at a particular point but at different phases of the flight(sometimes during descent, sometimes at cruise). Please help. Govind
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