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  1. Okay, thanks for the suggestion. Erik
  2. Yes, I use MegaSceneryX: Southern California and MegaScenery Earth 2.0 Utah (they have a 10m mesh). I have seen this many times at L35 (Big Bear, CA airport). I've also seen this at KSBD. I saw it somewhere in Utah, but cannot remember where. I think it was U14 (Nephi). This only occurred after installing MTX, but you're right it has something to do with the photoscenery. Thank you again, Erik
  3. Good news! Just found it. An article said where to get it. This is the direct link to the download linked from simMarket (hosted on Aerosoft): http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/mytraffic2010/MT2006V41_for_FS9.zip
  4. Thanks, I checked that link. It is a link to download program .exe that downloads MTX 2006 and seems to be full of adware. SimMarket had a clean download straight to the file. Does anyone have a more direct link without the ads that set off my antivirus? Thank you, Erik
  5. Hello, Burkhard thank you for your help and wonderful program. I am experiencing slightly sunken airports that I am positive is MTX related. It does not happen all the time where I've seen it happen, only occasionally. Only part of an airport/runway will be slightly below the terrain. A small portion of a runway and taxiway will be sunken below, and I'll see dirt where I should not. I have MTX selected between propellers and add on scenery. Any ideas? This program is far better than the other traffic options. Thanks again, Erik
  6. Hello, I am a paid owner of MyTraffic X Pro 5.4c. I saw MyTraffic 2006 available for free download on SimMarket, but I can't find the link anymore. Can anyone direct me to a link to download the publicly released MyTraffic 2006? Thank you, Erik
  7. That makes sense. That day the airport had many planes parked. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I've started to see, or rather hear, about GA traffic disappearing on final. They'll announce downwind, base, and final, and sometimes I hear the plane but none will land. I finally saw a plane come in and land from final, and moments after landing the plane disappeared. Happened four or five times last night. EDIT: Just now as I submitted this post, a jet made it half-way down the runway and disappeared. What can I do? Erik
  9. Also, did you perform a clean install of Win 7 instead of upgrading? You should also consider an external framerate limiter (although your system may not need it), and keeping FSX set to Unlimited. That fixes any stuttering. I don't know what you were upgrading from, but Win 7 takes up like 15%-30% more memory than Win XP, without anything running.
  10. Just flew over a completely different state than where I saw the Cherokees. I saw many varied planes, realistic and including jets and military heavies by the proving grounds air base. I only saw one Cherokee 180 on this trip. They seem to be the first choice MTX uses for airports where there is no scheduled GA traffic. MTX fills in AI for misc. airports, from what I read. Setting my GA traffic to 40% instead of 30%, too, helped with adding different AI without being too many.
  11. Hello, I'm happy to have MTX Pro 5.4c running well on my computer. My AI traffic is active, and my performance is good. I have noticed that I mainly see Piper Cherokee 180's on the ground and flying. I'll see two or three at every GA airport. I saw ATC clear one to land, but ATC called the Piper 180 (the red line above the plane said Piper 180) by a different name, a different model Piper. Yet, the models are all a different color variant of a 180. Is this normal? Thank you, Erik
  12. All of these issues resolved. The ATC bug was from a different program. I gained FPS by reinstalling FSX and my addons and not using REX. The SFX installer probably was not corrupt. The yellow arrow I thought I saw was probably an icon for a picture file being installed. The manual said what priority to put MCE. Thanks, Erik
  13. I think that ATC bug happened after I ran the update ATC voice program from the MyTraffix Communicator. Can anyone on the dev team help me with my first question? My ATC is screwed up (see the picture), one of the SFX install files is corrupt in the MTX program, and my photoscenery is a blur now. The AI traffic is perfect now, though. I don't want to uninstall MTX. Anyone? Erik
  14. Edit: UT2 demo uninstall deleted a config setting for MyTraffix X, I have my traffic back, disregard this reply below. The rest of my questions stand. [This part solved: I also have noticed that I have the proper GA traffic, but at LAX at noon there isn't a single airline on the ground. I do have my slider set low to 7%-15%, but I think I should still see a few airlines there.] I had a few other questions posted in my first post above, hoping someone could review them if they have the time. Thank you, Erik
  15. I used Flash Get to download it the first two times, not sure. Thanks Daveo.
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