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  1. Awe man :( I did not see that. I hope Mr Burkhard is ok. Maybe he will update us on his condition soon. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Is there anymore support for MyTraffic 6?
  3. Purchased MyTraffic Pro 6 in 2015. Still works flawless on my FSX-SE setup. I dropped by to see if there are any updates (incremental or other) and I am having difficulties trying to determine this. All I know is I have 6, but I do not see an easy way to tell if there is an update. I assume they would be under Announcements. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I am also a noob user. My home airport is a small rural county airport with no tower. I have some static aircraft there that I injected via MyTraffic Interactive. If there is any traffic flying in and around your airport, you will hear their chatter on the airport frequency (typically a regional airport ATC). I sometimes do touch n gos from my airport and occasionally there is another GA aircraft doing the same and you can hear their positions being called out, so you'l need to be aware of your surroundings and how to fly the patterns (not that the other pilots will say anyting if you're doing it worng, but always a good habit to learn the patterns to make it more realistic). Sometimes when I am taking off to or coming back from a cross-country flight, my little airport will have one or two GA aircraft flying around also and sometimes I will need to get into the traffic pattern in order to land if there are touch n gos going on. Hope this helps!
  5. Hello, Please forgive me if this has already been published. I tried to do an exhaustive search on the topics, but couldn't find the answers I am looking for. I have also read the latest documentation. I have MyTraffic 6 coupled with a stand alone flight simulator FSX-SE. In addition, this is my first experience using a traffic add-on. I have some traffic, when flying and sometimes I have static traffic at my home airport (KCEU - which is a very small rural county airport) and I assume the environment is working correctly, but I do have some nagging questions on how to use MyTraffic 6. My questions are as follows: 1- I do not subscribe to any of the payware services (MyTraffic Live or UT2) to download their updated schedules; therefore, I assume that I should then use the Spring 2015, Autumn 2012 or one of the historic static schedules to populate my air traffic within FSX-SE. Is this correct and are there any other options for "free" traffic offered that I did not mention? If no, can you please explain what is incorrect? 2- Assuming I am accurate on nbr 1 above, once the download is done, do I have to re-download each time I start FSX-SE? My thinking here is once the traffic files are created, there is no need to download again unless I want one of the other schedules, correct? 3- Assuming I am accurate on nbr 1 above, do I have to open MyTraffic 6 every time I start FSX...unless I want to add static aircraft through MyTraffic Interactive or download a different schedule? My presumptive answer to this question is no, but so many add-ons require starting in order to inject their particular objects, etc. into the simulator. Again, please forgive me if these questions have already been answered in a previous post or if I somehow overlooked these subjects in the documentation. Thanks, for your help!
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