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  1. After this message, FSC open the Flightplan and displaye it corretct. There is no error, all Airways are displayed correct. So the import works, but i can't add a STAR, SID or TRANS after importing a FP. So i think to need to wait, that Volker would be back from his Holiday, and can maybe give some detailed informations about this.
  2. Hi FS1TR, this i already doing, but thanks for the Hint. But when you also look at this Error. The Error produced by the import should be: You are only able to made Changes on Flightplans, created by FSC in this Case, but this messages says, that some waypoints are missing. What's currently wrong, since the Waypoints are the Same as in PFPX. Also the used AIRAC is the same (Navigraph 1409/1410)
  3. Hello tinpusher, did you read my last sentence in my post? For your information i maka a quote: I already know that the Support isn't available in the next few Days. But why i should need to wait to ask my question? Maybe some in the Community know the answare, so i was try my luck.
  4. Hello, i've got an error, when i try to import a Flightplan created by PFPX. The Message is: When i just copy the route from PFPX and Paste it in FSC, there is no error. Both Programs are fresh installed in the newest Version. AIRAC Datas from both Programs are Up2Date. I was already ask in the German Aerosoft Forum, they was forward me, to Volker. Both Programs using AIRAC form Navigraph, Cycle NG1409. The When i only Copy and Paste the route from PFPX, the Waypoints match with PFPX. So this should be a wrong message. As i already was read, that the Support isn't availabl
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