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  1. Hello, Nice, I will give it a try when I will be back on my flight sim computer. I wish you good luck with the other add-on you want to implement. Thank you QWJ.
  2. Hello Nikola, I'm sorry to inform you that the Pushback utility does not work with the iFly 747 v2. They used a non-default method of activating the beacon. Switching the beacon in the cockpit switch the integrated beacon (inthe iFly model) but not the FS beacon (as shown when pressing the command to light up all light, then PBU reacts). I fear there is is nothing you can do about it, except by implementing an alternate triggering event. Also I hope to see a TOPER tool for the 747 ! Respectfully, Javy
  3. Hi, I don't know if it can be achieved playing with the "pos" and "visible=1" parameters in the panel.cfg file. Javy
  4. If you need help after applying the 2-D panel upgrade, here is my panel.cfg : [Window Titles] window00=Main Panel window01=Forward Overhead window02=Aft Overhead window03=CDU window04=Throttle Quadrant window05=Pedestal window06=EFIS Control window07=SimIcons window08=EADI 1 window09=EHSI 1 window10=EADI 2 window11=EHSI 2 Window12=CheckList panel Window13=FlightDeck SFX panel Window14=Reality XP Wx500 Radar - RXP_CONFIG_TOOL - DO NOT CHANGE Window15=Reality XP DropStack Window16=Myoke [Plane] model=300 [Views] VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=4.5 VIEW_FORWARD_ZOOM=0.75 // Adjust to 1.0
  5. Hi, what I have is this : http://www.wilcopub.com/simulator-add-on/737-evo-2d-panel-upgrade-for-fs2004.html http://www.wilcopub.com/simulator-add-on/737-pilot-in-command-fs2004-fsx-xp.html (for FS2004) So the basic 737 for FS2004 and the 2D panel upgrade for FS2004. No need to take the 400/500 update as 400 and 500 are already included in the product #1 at 23,95$. I like a lot this classic 737 under FS2004. The VC cannot compete with current 3D modelisation. You have not to care for perfect modelisation, because the design shows its age. Personnaly I don't care to have only 2-D
  6. Dear Nikola, Thank you, of course this is working now. Thank you for your service. I could take off a few hour ago in a 737 classic with nice reduced take-off parameters. Javelin.
  7. Good day, thank you. The update 1.3 of the classic version is now able to run on my computer. However, I am unable to Register it. I paste the key given by Simmarket into the registering field, then I click on register but nothing happen. Regards, J.
  8. Dear Nikola, Thank you very much, looking forward for your rebuild. Your technical support is nice and reactive, it's appreciated. J.
  9. Hi sir, I would like to request support from you for my TOPER Tool for the Boeing 737CL. I have bought my version today and couldn't make it run on my computer so far. Here I report all what I have tried. I have : Windows 7 (french language per default) - 64 bit + TOPER 737CL :arrow: When I double-click on the TOPER executable, the TOPER executable shows the "loading screen" but don't run further, as windows shows a pop-up windows with "This programm as ceased running". I don't even get into TOPER. My conclusion is that the portability of the application is somewhat restricte
  10. You're welcome. I am very pleased to state that TOPER gives me approximately the assumed temperature I find by hand doing the airport analysis. I tried to play with the TOW in TOPER and in most part I got concordant results and limitations with what I would have found manually from FCOM charts. Ok, now I have a reasonable confidence in your software, I can simulate the lazy airline pilot now ! :cool:
  11. Thank you. Indeed the 1.3 update solves the problem on startup and I am now able to use normally TOPER. Thank you for your service. Best regards, QWJavelin
  12. Hello Embraer pilots, I would like to share with you my 2 pages summary of the ILS approach modes that I have made yesterday for the E-jets. I have depicted the logical imbrication of APPR1, APPR2 and AUTOLAND approach modes on the first page. https://www.ssl-url.net/gf3.myriapyle.net/aero/Fichiers/E-Jets-ILS-APPR-modes.pdf I can feel that some simplification of the real FMS under-the-hood logic in approach have been made in the feelThere simulation of the E-Jets, so beware to always follow the Embraer Normal procedures before intercpting the ILS. In order to get the correct ai
  13. Hi, I share my database. I have calculate my pushback for any medium-type aircraft (737, 320). I loose just a little in pushback accuracy, but I have a single generic entry for my gates. LYBE,SHS Belgrade 4.0,A..,Medium,40500,left,390028604,28000 LYBE,SHS Belgrade 4.0,A..,Medium,40500,right,-1795975909,28000 LYBE,SHS Belgrade 4.0,C..,Medium,43000,left,-687641723,28000 LYBE,SHS Belgrade 4.0,C..,Medium,43000,right,-1425298673,28000 LFSB,France VFR LFSB,FR-29,Medium,33000,left,-626795870,30000 LFSB,France VFR LFSB,FR-30,Medium,22000,right,1520720527,45000 LFSB,France VFR LFSB,FR-30,Medium,3
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