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  1. Hello Pete, Thanks for you reply. Sorry to hear about you vision holding you back. That stinks. Oddly, I lost the lens on my right eye in 1989 do to trauma (a nail flew up and hit my eye). I was able to continue to fly under special provisions. They made me take special check rides and fill out a lot of paper work from my eye doctor. I had no trouble flying at all. Recently, the FAA passed a rule that allows you to fly if you have a valid drivers license. So for the third class you do not need to take the bi-annual flight surgeon physical. You're just required to go over some routine stuff with you regular doctor and make a note of it in your logbook. Of course this is just for the third class pilots license. If you are a commercial or ATP you need the more complete physical. Does the UK maybe have a similar program? I know my flight surgeon complained for years about how ridiculous the third class physicals were. And that they were not needed. Thanks for the links Pete! I've been reading on the internet of many folks saying that when they updated FSX under windows 10 it never worked right again. I fear if I apply these updates I'll have a broken FSX. I truly regret getting a sim computer that had windows 10 on it. What an awful excuse for an operating system it is. It is just terrible to work with. I had one of the very first version too. Got this sim computer in 2014 specifically to run ProSim and FSX. Little did I know the trouble it would create. Windows 7 was so easy to work with. So I am reluctant to update FSX for fear of destroying FSX. Do you think it would just be better to update to P3D? That's what you did yes? I downloaded a copy of FSUIPC4 4.971 and will run the update this morning. That I am not worried about. The directions a quite clear and it seems like it should be easy to do. Thank you so much for your help Pete. It is much appreciated!
  2. The cockpit I'm building was started shortly after I sold my helicopter in 2014. I have been a real pilot since 1973 but after retiring (retired mathematician from University of Wisconsin) it had become too much time and expense. I've owned many aircraft. As you probably know it's very time consuming. At any rate building this cockpit is just a part time hobby for me. I am not the most IT conversant as I learned mathematics when everyone used slide rules. So when you suggest I just do an update that is no small task for me. First of all I would need to locate them. I looked on your website and only saw the new version downloads. Same with FSX. I wouldn't even know where to look for updates as it is my understanding FSX was sold to Lockheed? And yes it is buggy and I would love a newer version but that would mean doing everything over again and I'm afraid I just don't recall how I got all of this to work in the first place. I tinker with it a few months a year so I forget. Sorry but my age is slowing me down. I try my best but much of this is stuff I've never seen before. Ugh!
  3. Hi Pete, Attached is the FSUIPC4.INI and FSUIPC.LOG there is no joyscan file. The version of FSUIPC I'm using was purchased in 2014 so maybe that feature wasn't there yet. Yesterday I discovered that ProSim lets me assign TQ switches simply by toggling the switch and assigning. How nice! And those functions work too. I am using FSX not P3D. Best Regards, Paul FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  4. Hello All, I am having some issues getting my TQ to work. It's a TQ I purchased from FlightSimPm in 2014. Not very well put together but I should be able to use it. It has a BU0836X controller. The directions that came with the TQ suggest configuring the throttles, flaps, spoiler in FSX. I did that. The rest is to be done with FSUIPC. So under add-ons I open FSUIPC and under buttons I put in the reverses, TOGA, Auto pilot disengage, parking brakes and fuel cutoffs. The directions say that the stabilizer switches cannot be done either way so I skipped that. So anyway that was all there was. None of the FSUIPC stuff works. In prosim under config there are entries for these items with fsuipc as possible connections but it looks as though you need some sort of offsets or something? How can I connect this stuff to prosim? I checked the box for direct joystick input under drivers but made no difference. Not sure how to get this all to work. Seems like something is missing. Any ideas would be appreciated. Best Regards, Paul
  5. Hi Pete, Need a bit of help. Today I installed FSUIPC (registered version) no problem. Next after reading the WideFS documentation attempted to install WideFS. Server is an new windows 8.1 machince. Client windows xp. When I run WideFSclient on the xp machine the process gets stuck at "waiting for a connection". Workgroups are the same. I tried updating config file with ServerName= and protoco=TCP. No help. Ugh! Firewalls off on both machines. Any idea what's going on? I've heard win 8.1 has issues with networking but I have no knowledge of what that might be. Please adise. Kind Regards, Paul
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