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  1. Yup - seems to work just fine in 3.1.
  2. Thanks again for all the hard work Burkhard!
  3. Good information Burkhard. Has this been relayed back to LM to fix in their next update?
  4. DylanM

    Prepar3D version 3

    To add to Ollie's post - is there anything we can do to help to modify the lights on each of the aircraft Burkhard? May be easier that you taking this on alone...
  5. DylanM

    MyTraffic 6.0a public beta

    Excellent! Thanks Burkhard.
  6. DylanM

    How to install Mt6 in P3D v3

    Can confirm that the default AI aircraft have strobes visible at a distance.
  7. DylanM

    Patch to MyTraffic 6.0

    Burkhard, any chance for a visibility fix for the strobe lights in P3D (i.e. they become invisible beyond a very small radius)? Maybe this could be a team effort if it requires a lot of manual editing... ;-)
  8. Hi Alan - email sent to your ntlworld address.
  9. Hi again Alan - just wanted to let you know that MyTraffic V6 is now out!
  10. Great to hear it's really close...! I really need to give my new rig a workout this weekend [hint, hint] :mrgreen: As for performance issues, wonder what's so fundamentally different now in the traffic system between FSX and P3D? Something LM have changed, or is it the rendering? I'm still planning on using the freeware Traffic Optimizer to help with performance...
  11. Fantastic news! Crossing my fingers...
  12. Any further teasers on the new release Burkhard? Hope things are getting close...!
  13. Awesome news - P3D needs it's traffic! :D
  14. Hi Alan, Just wanted to ask if you need to do anything special to support the upcoming V6 release (which was planned for the end of the month)? Will the current installer work with it? Thanks, Dylan

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