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  1. Hi, Your decision not to support the 64bit version of P3Dv4 frankly has me baffled beyond words. Where on earth do you think flight simming is going.... or maybe you know something the rest of us don't know.
  2. Hi All, I have just loaded FSC onto my new pc running P3D but it will not connect .I receive an error 'Unable to connect to Simulator Msg# (no process response) Can anyone please suggest what I'm doing wrong ?
  3. Hi Pete, I am not using a 'migration' program, I am using 4.949p installer (downloaded this morning. I have a copy installed in P3D v2.5 ,I wish to install FSUIPC into v3.2 also . I will be pleased to send the installers log file (v2.5) Can you please tell me where this will be located?
  4. Hi, I have a registered copy of your excellent program, I am having a problem getting FSUIPC to install in my Majestic Dash 8, the installer only seems to look for FSX ,which I do not have on my system, can you please advise,thank you.
  5. Hi Pete, I have a licenced copy of FSUIPC installed in my P3D v2.5. As I intend to retain this version of P3D for the foreseeable future (ie. until all the P3Dv 3 installers are available for my various addons)will I need to have a second license for P3D v3?
  6. MOVED FROM "ANNOUNCEMENTS"! Are there any new requirements for installing in FSUIPC ?
  7. AIRAC 1501 NAVIGRAPHWIN WIN 7 64BIT PRO FSUIPC rergistered v.938f 25/01/15 Download Wide FS not used Prepar3D 2.4 FSCommander 9.6 I hope this information will help.
  8. Hi,Whilst preparing a flight plan from Bristol . I reached the point where I needed to input a STAR ,in this case EXMO1Z. I then found I pressed the 'add to plan ' button no star plan appeared,neither would the STAR appear. I have since carried out a new Database update.A friend did the same flight plan on hi machine (same FSC VERSION) and he was able to display the STAR on his screen. The STAR appears on the FMC in the Dash-8 Q400 as it shows on my navigation charts. Should I need to consider a reinstall of FSC. In addition I made another flight plan ,this time from Gatwick (EGKK) toNewcastle(egnt) using the LAM4M STAR and it showed on the flight as it should. Can you offer any suggestions to rectify this problem please?
  9. Hi, I am having trouble resizing the screen .I can get the double ended arrows appearing at the top,bottom ,sides ,and at the corners of the map screen but trying to drag the screen to a slightly smaller size will not work. Is there a solution for this? Thanks if you can help.
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