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  1. Have the EVO-series 1 and 2 which I just bought so I don,t know whetther the product worked before...
  2. Hi, Just bought the Feelthere Airbus x and did not download it last time I updated Navigraph. On the starting page of the FMC it says the right cycle. Tried sme other flightplans and airports but there is no transition available. Have installed the Navigraph cycle again for Wilco/Feelthere Airbus FSX but does not help either. Kind regards Anton Will van Zoelen
  3. Hi, The navigraph data works fine in other programs as avlasoft and also in other planes with fmc so Navigraph is not the course..... Any help will be highly appriciated. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  4. Hi, When planning a flight with A330 I can't find any trans when choosing a STAR for arriving at EHAM, biut also at other airports. Use latest Navigraph data from Aerosoft. Please advice.. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  5. Hi, Am trying to add an window with Groundhandling 5.0. Does not show, only black box after changing the panel folder. Works with any other aircraft that I use. Anybody any ideas. Panel.cfg: [Window Titles] window00=Panel principal Window01=Groundhandling Window02=GPS Window03=FMC Window04=Panel de acelerador Window05=Panel superior Window06=Panel de compensador Window07=PFD Window08=MFD Window09=EICAS Window10=Minipanel Window11=ISG1 EFIS CNTR window12=Grupo de radio Window13=ISG1 MCU Window14=ISG1 GNSXLS [Window01] size_mm=204,65 visible=0 window_size= 0.20,0.09 window_pos= 0
  6. Thanks for your advice Pete...will try later today...
  7. Hi Pete, The values change when I turn the knobs. How can I connect them to COM en NAV and change the values in FSX. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  8. Hi Pete, Thanks for your quick respons (as always).... They don,t show up as buttons or switches.... Send you three photo,s. One is of the position of the knobs on the X55. The other two are the two values that occur when I turn the knob fully. Hope this helps. Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  9. Hi, Would like to know whether it is possible to configurate the two radio buttons (RTY3 en RTY4) in FSUIPC. They do show up as AXIS in FSUIPC. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  10. Hi, Am very pleased with MyTraffic. Would like to change the runways that are used for arrivals and departures. For weather I use Opus live weather but still runways are used which are not standard for EHAM (my home base) Would like to change the available runways fot AI (read MyTraffic) generated traffic at EHAM. Read a lot of articles but am not sure how to handle this. Any help will be highly appriciated. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  11. Hi, Have MyTraffic5.4C for FSX installed and am very pleased with the product.. Do see a lot of AI traffic appearing (Transavia and Arke in paricular) at EHAM but can,t see any KLM-planes which surprises me as KLM,s home base is Amsterdam. Anybody any idea why KLM is missing....? Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  12. Hi, Bought MyTraffic 5.4C for Prepar3D a couple of weeks ago but have decided to go back to FSX because of all the trouble with taxiways etc. Is it possible to use this Prepar3D version in FSX and if yes... how is that done...? Thanks for any advice. Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  13. Hi, Done as was suggested but am not seeing any traffic. Any other suggestions...? Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
  14. Thanks for your very quick reply. Love your product. Good luck with developing... Kind regards, Anton Will van Zoelen
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