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  1. Ah ok thanks for the info, that's great :)
  2. Thanks for the answers, I was under the impression from reading on the net, that you have the sliders off anyway as 'my traffic' produces its own traffic according to real world schedules?
  3. Hi, I'm considering purchasing my traffic, but would like to know if it can easily be turned on/off so I could demonstrate to friends the flight sim without queueing to take off etc? Thanks Phil
  4. Thank you for the quick response, I will try that as soon as i get on the pc again :)
  5. Hi Guys, I'm quite new to FSUIPC and just learning. I have Saitek rudder pedals with toe brakes (all calibrated in FSUIPC) working fine. I also have a home made parking brake lever also assigned with offset which also works fine. I am wondering if i can stop the toe brakes from releasing the parking brake since the lever hasn't been moved? The lever operates a micro switch at the parking brake on position only. Thanks in advance Phil
  6. Thank you for the replies Having asked my friend it seems all are there as you say, if its toggle beacon lights, is there a way to make this in sync with an on/off switch? Thanks Phil
  7. Hi there A friend of mine has recomended FSUIPC for programming switches, when looking at his version of it, there seems to be many commands missing. In the default Cessna 172 in FSX the first switch in the lights section is Beacon On/Off (but looking through the list of available commands I could not see this command) is there an easy way to do this? I'm doing my homework before I get too deep in this project, so i know it should all work. Thanks Phil
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