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  1. Hi Pete, Thankyou for your reply, I will check out all the information you have sent me. The program is just what I needed to enhance all the buttons and switches that I now have. I will be purchasing the Fsuipc for FSX soon but at the moment I cannot seem to get it to run on my computer, it loads ok but when I go T fly it just crashes! I have checked on the web and it seems alot of simmers have this problem with windows 7 like myself, but I will persevere and once I'm up and running I will purchase the other one. Once again thanks for the advice. Kind regards Guy Taylor.
  2. I have purchased the fs2004 version and registered it, I have both flightsim pm throttle and overhead panel, along with saitek yoke , having gone into the fsuipc in the menu bar I cannot find how to set fuel cut off and idle for each engine(737) also on the overhead panel I have switches that I can't find in fsuipc to set to ? On watching a video posted by Flightsim pm on the throttle he had both cut off switches working along with both reverse thrust levers working individually, does the fs2004 fsuipc support these functions or is it for FSX that more functions are available. If there is a m
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying (work) thanks for the advice on installation, My 2 hard drives have arrived and hopefully this weekend I will be able to put most of the cockpit to a workable condition and start testing my throttle and overhead panel.
  4. Hi Pete, Firstly apologies for my spelling mistakes.Thankyou for your reply and I will be buying both FSUIPC3 and FSUIPC 4 . I am putting FS2004 and FSX on 2 separate hard drives, not having done this before can I expect any conflicting issues with both FSUIPC? Or will they operate separately! Sorry if this seems a dumb question to ask but I am self taught in flightsim and how programs work and trying to put together a homemade cockpit and get everything to work has caused a few headaches. Again any advice to a novice will be well received. Kind regards Guy
  5. I have just brought a 737 throttle and overhead panel from flightsim pm and have been told to purchase Pete Dawsons fscuip, I am running my simulator on fs2004 and fsx , please advise me on which I need if not both .
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