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  1. My MTM Planes B707-B742-DC10 are black at night no texture DX10 mode. Day texture is ok Any help Thanks
  2. Can you move planes B707 / B742 / DC10 from Aircraft MTM to MTX folder ?
  3. My Traffic MTM planes B747-200 / 707/DC10 have no landing gear, fans or lights. I create files DX10 Only unchecked. Nvidia 1080ti Any help Thanks
  4. Hello Burkhard I always fly to the old Athens LGAT airport, I use the time machine and schedules I created. It is great that Olympic planes are included in My Traffic 6, In FSX I can use the the 747-200 from AI AARDVARK which does not work in Prepar3d v4. The Olympic fleet is not complete without the 747-200. Can you or anyone else PLEASE make repaints of Olympics 747-200 in standard and Rainbow-Flame paints, Also 1980-90s QANTAS-SINGAPORE-THAI 747-200s would be a great addition, So old timers like me who fly in the past can still enjoy flying. The Olym
  5. Hello Burkhard I am trying to add ardvarks B742 OLYMPIC as a complete model and texture or texture only. I followed the manual instructions ADDING A NEW PLANE after scheduling and compiling nothing shows in fsx I tried several solutions from the forum but most refer to replacing an EXISTING plane-model or texture. while I am trying to add a plane that does NOT EXIST in MT OLYMPIC FLEET B742 OLYMPIC. So I am trying to add model and or textures of AIA OLYMPIC B742. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You Andreas .
  6. Could the problem be that I copied and pasted LGAT details from airports txt to airports dat . to test (I pasted it right under LGAV details). It worked traffic showed at LGAT but only a few airliners. I can still get traffic at LGAV even though the parking spots show up all military. If I disable MY TRAFFIC from FSX scenery library my parking spots at LGAV are ok. I think my problem is Myairports dat file. Can you send me a Myairports dat which includes LGAT with heaps of airliner parking spots east and west terminals. Thanks
  7. I cleared and backspaced ini input and now it works fine. Yes Burkhard only a few parking spots for airliners at LGAT. LGAT is an addon from AVSIM. Have you got an LGAT airports txt-dat with more airliner and cargo spots? Or could you make me one, It will be greatly appreciated. I checked LGAV, yes you are right it is military, It was okay before with heaps of airliner traffic. I have not done anything to LGAV details (I am using the ATHENS FLY TAMPA LGAV). Maybe in my attempt to solve LGAT I messed up LGAV. Can you recommend a solution?
  8. Yes it shows up, has gates and parking but no cargo spots. I have another problem now, I can not set the ini year. If I want 1900s only accepts 1. 2000s only 2 1980=1 2013=2 what has gone wrong? Thank You Andreas Airports.txt
  9. Hi I am having a problem adding LGAT to MyAirports.dat. It has Gates and Parking in Airport Editor. I imported Airports txt Exported Myairports dat Created schedules and saved. Myairports.dat is updated but does not include LGAT. The compiler works I do not get traffic at LGAV. I read the manuals and checked forum no solution. Can you please send me detailed instructions how to add LGAT to Myairports.dat. Do I have to copy LGAT information from Airports txt and paste it in Myairports.dat ? Thank You Andreas
  10. Hi Burkhard Thanks for the reply, I started the the airport change, Finally I will get traffic. Thanks for the help Andreas
  11. I am trying to get traffic at the old ATHENS airport LGAT, which I have downloaded from AVSIM. I imported the airport, gates-ramps etc. are showing in MY TRAFFIC EDITOR. I installed historic planes and tried all previous years. I am trying to get the OLYMPIC AIRWAYS flights to show at LGAT. I made LGAT as OLYMPIC HUB 1,2,3 but the traffic still shows at LGAV instead. I can only get traffic if I use the COMMUNICATOR. Can someone please help me Have all OLYMPIC AIRWAYS FLIGHTS AND ANY OTHER TRAFFIC SHOW AT LGAT. Any reply is appreciated. Thanks Andrew
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