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  1. Thank you for the reply Pete. I was afraid that was the case.
  2. Hello, I realize CFS is not one of the products intended to be supported by FSUIPC but given their similarities to the early FS many of the codes work. I'm wondering if it's possible to obtain data (lat long, hdg, alt speed, etc) on the enemy AI aircraft through any of the facilities or through "tricks." I (attempted to) read the slots for the 96 AI aircraft (normally used for TCAS in FS) but there was nothing there. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply Pete. Do I need the registered version for that? I apologize for my lack of FSUIPC knowledge but could you elaborate on how I can send controls via an offset when there is no specific offset? What I'd like to be able to do is write a piece of software that calculates some parameters like range and closure rate, and decides when to fire the gun (strictly by software and without manual intervention).
  4. I posted the following in the wrong forum and saw no way to move it or ask a moderator to move it to this forum. My apologies if I'm violating the rules of engagement by reposting it here. ***************************************** I recently discovered FSUIPC (v3.99). Great product! Thanks Pete. I've played around with toggling the landing gear in CFS1 using the offset and values, and it worked as advertised. I would like to be able to fire thegun in the same manner (by writing values to an address). Is this possible with either the unregistered or registered version of the software? Thanks.

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