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  1. OK Peter, You have got the files now.4.963f is broken here. All ok about requesting files (anything with FSUIPC) YOU asked for them so I sent them. Never mind just an error on my behalf. I would be interested if you can find the problem. Sorry to take up your time Andy
  2. Files in modules folder Fsuipc install fsuipc.dll fsuipc config fsuipc text document fsuipc key nothing marked.log
  3. Peter, Would it be possible to email you my modules folder contents just the fsuipc bits Andy
  4. Hi Peter, Thank you for your prompt reply I can confirm, I have done a new clean regstered install of FSUIPC FSUIPC shows in the Add-ons menu. I still do not have FSUIPC4.LOG in my modules folder. with stock 4.963 GSX can be activated using a programmed entry ie a Satek X52 PRO button entry in buttons and controls. Again tried 4.963f, cannot activate GSX or programme anything with the joystick, It just locks me out. Happy to go with 4.963 at the moment, IT ALL WORKS not 4.963f Thanks for excellent software keep up the good work
  5. Should I delete and reinstall FSUIPC Running win 10 64 bit PRO
  6. Peter, Sorry about this I have NO File called FSUIPC4.LOG in my p3d modules folder
  7. Pete, where do I find this FSUIPC4.LOG.
  8. Hi Pete, Files as requested. The problem I have, I cannot bring up GSX, using ctrl+shift+f12 in assign buttons. FSUIPC will not alow me to assign Saitek X52 Pro. Only happening with 4963F. Thanks for any help FSUIPC4 Install.log FSUIPC4.ini
  9. Hi, I just installed 4.963f and I cannot assign buttons. Saitek X52 Pro. I re installed 4.963 all works fine. Can I have a link to 4.963e that worked. Regards Andy
  10. Hi Peter, I will put my findings on the Linda forum Again thank you Regards Andy
  11. Hi Peter, As I stated earlier, when I updated LINDA the problem appeared. No indication it is a linda pop up . As I say it is not a problem, but LINDA looks the culprit. Well done Peter as always for an excellent reply Regards Andy
  12. Hi Peter, On loading P3D win prof 10 64bit All ok but I get a pop up on loading P3D saying fsuipc.dll has failed to initialise. It, the pop up then gives me the option to retry, that works fine ie Linda works AS 2016 etc. I do no reset P3D I can live with it. Thanks for letting me know it is not a fusipc problem Andy
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