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  1. HI I looked at a post you made about not many GA aircraft even with sliders up , I have this problem , did you figure it out?

  2. Cmon guys, tell us what we need to do in plain English how to use this update. I have no luck with running it inside the C: MyTraffic Professional Folder or inside the MyTraffic Folder either. Win 10 64bit.
  3. I can't get this file to update MyTraffic 6.0 Pro. Ran the Beta exe from inside the C: MyTraffic Professional Folder and get no 2015 Summer Schedule and Communicator still says Ver. 6.0. I noticed there's a "Myt 6.0a" file along side a "Myt 6.0" file after running the installer. So I am totally confused as to what is going on. C.
  4. Anyone know if this new "hot fix" breaks MT6.0? It breaks Orbx(Orbx has new ObjectFlow Fix out already)and Active Sky Next. C.
  5. Ahh, I wasn't clear on that, I kept trying to localize thru the FSX SE tab. Ok, off to test both P3D and FSX SE. Thanks, for the prompt reply, Burkhard! C.
  6. Issues: I cannot get MT6 to localize FSX Steam Edition. I have to do it manually by typing the location(in my case D:\Steam Games\SteamApps\common\FSX. The next sequence cannot be completed as MT6 cannot then find the FSX.cfg file. As I have P3D 2.5 too, I skipped fooling with the FSX SE install and installed MT6 into P3D 2.5. The line: [Entry.9] Path="C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" is successfully added to the P3D 2.5 simobjects cfg file. Can I manually add the "C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" line to the FSX simobjects list in the FSX.cfg and if so, are the "quotes" necessary? Thanks, C.
  7. My FSX SE install is more stable and runs smoother than any previous FSX version I have ever used. Currently, I have REX4 TD+Soft Clouds, Orbx Global + Orbx Vector + Pilots FS Mesh, A2A AccuFeel, Shockwave Lights, and 3 Carenado aircraft installed and everything looks and runs very, very well. I have the usual FSX.config tweaks. As is known, Active Sky Next and Orbx Regions and Airports are not currently compatible with FSX SE. Updates are supposedly on the way for these "must-have" add-ons but it's taking forever. Now, I installed MyTraffic 2013 and made sure I had the added line in the Simobjects section of the config and directed the Scenery Library to the MyTraffic Folder in my FSX Folder. With Commercial Traffic set at 45% I get excellent airline and military traffic. However, with General Aviation set at even 65% GA traffic is sparse, a rare Cessna 182 and the occasional Bombardier Lear. No other traffic BGL's exist in my install other than the ones specified by MyTraffic. The default Traffic.BGL is "passive." Can you tell me exactly what I need to do to get MyTraffic 2013 to work properly in FSX Steam? I want to stick with the Steam version over any other FSX version. Thanks, C.
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