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  1. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    No you are right to ask, We (CLS) gave it to our publisher JustFlight in the middle of May so from our end we finished over a month ago, just waiting on the Manuals and CD's etc printing.
  2. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    I'll see if I have time to get some shots but you won't have to wait long to see it for yourself ;)
  3. A380-800 Discussion

    We haven't talked about the features yet since we are only just finishing the model and base paint but as with other CLS aircraft it will be easier to operate/Lite. I would love at least basic Airbus Law to be included but don't know any features at all yet.
  4. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Unfortunately not sorry :neutral:
  5. Other CLS Product Support

    Hi, the 767 and A330/340 won't show any textures on DX10 mode. I't will just show white. Not sure if it will help but for the 767 try going to the CLS_767_textures folder in your aircraft folder and delete 'cls767_VC_10_t.bmp' (make a copy somewhere first of course). Dan.
  6. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Hopefully soon, we are just finishing the freighter models (10F / 30F / 40F). The reason for the delays was that subtle variations in the versions keep getting added and Missi (Modeler/VC) is adding more and more great little 'extras' in each model to make them as real as possible. Things such as the many different engine types, different gear configs, different fuel tanks etc. I believe so yes, I haven't actually looked myself ha. I can't test it right now for you because the panels are not in my latest beta build and the buttons are on the panel but as I say, I see no reason that they wouldn't.
  7. A380-800 Screenshots

    Added 4 more shots at bottom of 1st post.
  8. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Hey, I can confirm that existing DC-10 customers will receive some form of discount for the v2. Not really, hopefully soon. Currently the model and everything is done just adding the -40/-50 variants, hopefully a month or 2.
  9. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    We are currently discussing, please hold tight for now :)
  10. DC-10 v2 Screenshots

    VC Shots Overview Left Side Engine Gauges Middle Console Engineers Panel Overhead Panel
  11. DC-10 v2 Screenshots

    KLM 1 - DC10-30 KLM 2 - DC10-30 KLM 3 - DC10-30 KLM 4 - DC10-30 KLM 5 - DC10-30 Northwest 1 - DC10-30 Northwest 2 - DC10-30
  12. Other CLS Product Support

    Feel free to ask any questions or support requests for any non A380/DC-10 CLS Aircraft in here. We do endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Regards, Dan - Textures
  13. DC-10 v2 Support

    Feel free to ask for support for out DC-10 v2 here. We do endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Regards, Dan - Textures