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  1. Well hi there, Pete, you never guess..... it worked. I was reading the post fo bswallow and was thinking: That module is there with me also, let's give it a try.... and YES, it worked. Actigate and his other files, causes the hang up of my FS and sometimes system.... Well i would like to thank you for the support. No it's time to calibrate my Saitek pro flight yoke and throttles to flap and speedbrake lever... Peter
  2. Well i searched for it, but i can not find a second FS9.exe in the taskmanager..... I thinkt there is a big possibility that i need to reinstall it all over again.... :(
  3. Well things happend overhere: First 3 attempts still the same but now when i started FS there was a pop up saying: "FSUIPC PROBLEM! PLEASE REMOVE OLDER COPIES! NEVER SIMPLY RENAME MODULES, REMOVE THEM OUT OF THE MODULE FOLDER" Well i was looking, but still i have only one FSUIPC in the module folder... the newest one i downloaded a couple a days ago. Mayby this will help us more? But the other message were a Hangup in FS9.exe as windows calls it. Peter
  4. Hi Pete, Well This function is not in XP our XP 64bits. I think it is a real Vista function. The strange thing is, when the fault occurs, fs now freeses. I can close it by Windows Task Manager, then the fault display appears with the choice of sending the fault our not. You want the info that is given in this screen? I will try here to remove and reinstall Direct X. Sometimes Direct X is causing problems as well. Peter
  5. Hi, Well i don't know why this is not working. I had a clean install of my XP because it was running full with loads of .... Before it worked GREAT! No problem.... Well i'm the only user on this pc and running as a administrator. But mayby it missing something, the thing you wrote is that on the FS9.exe right mouse click our something? Need to help me a bit, i'm not really getting it what you mean... sorry :oops: I'm verry curious at this, what is causing the problem... never had something like this. Hope we can find the problem.. ciao Peter
  6. Hi Pete Well i tried a lot of things like: Not in full display so pressing ALT+ENTER Removed the videocard drivers tryed, no succes Installed fresh the videocard drivers, no succes Reinstalled the no cd fix and tryed, no succes all options in full and not full screen mode. So i think i'm running out of options here? Peter
  7. Hello Peter I have downloaded the latest FSUIPC version, and a fresh install on my pc with XP 64Bits. But when i try to register my FSUIPC version, FS freezes when clicking "Register FSUIPC" . Crashes to desktop. I removed all files, installed it again but still the same. Strange thing is, everytime i start up my FS2004 it rebuilds scenery database etc. And when in a aircraft clickint TAB to enter the FS menu, you will see links called "MODULES" . Can you our somebody help me out? I would like to register it, because then i can set my Flight Yoke System to correct settings... Regards Peter
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