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  1. Done but still cant press the install button
  2. ok I've tried and I did try to save in whichever folder Tower 2011 was in. I'm able to click "OK" under browse but the install button still can't be click on.. Do I need a new folder under Tower! 2011?
  3. I've tried clicking on all 3 links just to see if all of them appears the same problem as the picture I've posted.. and yes they all do.. even when i try to browse and select a different folder, I can't click on "OK"
  4. Oh sorry.. Real Traffic add on.. Real Traffic by Nyerges Design..
  5. So any admins, what should I do now?
  6. Nope it didn't... Just a normal save and run file installation mode...
  7. Activation code? For the base? Where do I enter the activation code?
  8. yes.. i bought Tower last year... only recently i purchase the add-on
  9. Yes I've bought Tower 2011 already.
  10. Hi! I can't seem to install the Real Design Add-On.. I mean I can download the file but when I reach the step of installation where you select a folder and then click "Install", the Install button can't be pressed. Anyone to help? By the way, if I buy Tower! 2011 on Wild Tanget, I can used the Add-On I bought somewhere else?
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