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  1. Hi Pete, I´m planning to migrate from FSX to Prepar3d v 4.1. My question here is to which extend the existing FSUIPC.ini from FSX could be reused straight forward in FSUIPC5, or do i need to set up / program every single button etc. from scratch again? Thank you very much in advance for shedding some light on this Pantu
  2. Thanks Pete for prompt reply. Did check the fsuipc.ini file character by character and eventually found the culprit. When I copied the "Buttons" part from the "old" FSUIPC3.ini into the Fsuipc4.ini, I overlooked that there was already an empty "[buttons]" in the FSUIPC4.ini existing. (It´s definitely time to get some better glasses now - before X-mas) Empty buttons section erased and voila, the problem is solved. Again, thank you very much for your outstanding support and please take my apologies for bothering you with my own stupidity. Best regards Peter
  3. Hi Pete, sofar was using FS9 but now I´d like to switch my homecockpit (B737 Proj.Magenta )to FSX. According to the docs one could ease up workload of button assignments by just copying the buttons section from FSUIPC3 to FSUIPC4. Sofar so good. The problem however is, that FSUIPC4 recognizes the button presses (virtual buttons generated by MCP747). The virtual buttons in MCP747 are mostly all of "Toggle" and some of "Flip Flop" type, (as recommended in the docs) but wouldn´t display the assignments in FSUIPC4 setup page. Hence no reaction on the corresponding parts of project magenta. If however I reassign in FSUIPC4 the button with exactly the same function it works. Looking into FSUIPC.ini - I can´t find any difference compared to the copied part. It shows exactly the same coding like when it was copied over. Does that mean that I´ll have to reassign every single button again? Any clue what I´m doing wrong? I´ve read your docs over and over but not getting any clue what´s the culprit. Any hint highly appreciated. Thanks Best rgds Peter
  4. Dear Pete, there is no better time than Christmas time to say THANK YOU for your outstanding product and support. I´m sure everyone in the flightsim community will join me here. Merry Christmas and A Prosperous Happy and most of all Healthy 2007 to you and your entire family. Best regards Peter Hein
  5. Thanks Pete, Thomas Richter pointed me the right direction. You are right I have to use PMsystems offsets. In this case it´s the x0561A, Bit 0 and 1. BTW I meant of course build 86. Best rgds Peter
  6. Hi Pete, I´m using pmsystems (latest build 85) but my fuel levers don´t actually work as supposed. The 2 HW switches (eng.1 and2) are connected via FSBus. I defined 2 "virtual buttons" in order to have them recognized in FSUIPC´s button page. Then defined for the switches "on" position: mixt. eng1 (2) rich and for the "off" position: mixt. eng1(2) lean. So far so good. My problem: the switches work nicely(recognized in FSUIPC), but the engines start even the fuel valve switches are in "cutoff" position. As soon as I turn the starter switch on the overhead to "Gnd" the light " Start valve open" on the Upper Eicas in PM GC comes on. The engine spools up and ignites. If i flip the Fuel lever switches to "Run" position the engine continues to run. (OK) Flipping it to "cutoff" the engine shuts down (OK). I thought the start valve is driven by the fuel valve switch. How come that the light "start valve open" comes on as soon as the igniter switch is set to GND. Do I need to set values for "rich" and "Lean" in FSUIPC? Any hint highly appreciated. Thanks and best regards Peter
  7. Hi Manny, how does it calibrate in Windows?? BR Peter
  8. Hi, as your log says: you need to set the "server name" and / or "IP adress" in the FSclient.ini. Did you add the clients name in the Wideserver .ini? e.g. [ClientNames] 1=PFD 2=PC2 If your network is ok it should work. Best rgds Peter
  9. Hi Chris, the "simple" ones are manufactured by ALPS and KNITTER. The latter are less robust (full plastic gear) as the ALPS. The ALPS are fully made from metal and have additionally a centric push button inbuilt. Make sure they are not the ones based on phase shift. (The turning direction is contained in the phase shift between the 2 pulses). The phase shift based rotaries require a specific interface e.g. named "REDEC" (search the web for REDEC), whereby the rotary switches (special types made by "Knitter switch" and Alps) do not require such interface as, depending on the turning direction, only 1 of the 2 outputs delivers pulses at a time. Hence they can directly be connected to a keyboard encoder or FSBus etc. Hope this helps Best regards Peter
  10. Dear Pete, thank you very much for your restless and outstanding support throughout the year to all of us simmers. Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and successful New Year. With warm regards Peter Hein
  11. Hi Pete, I´m loading 747MCP, FSBus router and PM MCP via FSUIPC using following syntax: [Programs] RunIf1=Ready,Hide,Close,C:\Aerosoft MCP747\mcp747.exe RunIf2=Ready,Hide,Close,C:\Programme\FSBUS\FSBUS.exe RunIf3=Ready,Hide,Close,C:\MCP\MCP.exe Unfortunately the programs are not hidden (minimized) and I have to do it manually to get FS in the fore ground. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any hint and best rgds Peter
  12. Hi Pete, thanks. Will try with PM support for adjustment procedures on the default. Best regards Peter
  13. Hi Pete, sure it´s PM´s responsibility. Main reason I was asking is the "font = " entry in the ini file. What is it good for if you can´t change / configure it? Unfortunately the default one can´t be adjusted to exactly fit the LSK/ RSK HW pushbuttons. If I´d known before I´d have build my hardware around the default one. Best regards Peter
  14. Hi Pete, well to switch it on and off in PM is ok, but then the simulated warmup phase is useless for PM ND users. Good idea to ask Enrico´s support forum about the missing keys in the CDU, but I´m afraight the support is in hibernation state as I asked some questions days ago but no reply from the support team sofar. May be you have an idea what kind of font can be chosen in the CDU ini to improve the readability. Bold is too clumsy and normal becomes rather distorted for some characters when adjusting text and font size thru the display menu. Thanks Best regards Peter
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