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  1. Hi, Anyone know about this or have heard some tips ? Br S
  2. Hi, To info After several hours, and 20x reboot/restart of P3D.. it seems my config now with P3D v3.4.18.19475 + 4.958 + Win10 + Linda 2.87(408) is working fine. - Not had any P3D startup/shutdown issues. Brgds Søren
  3. Hi, I also have same issue with P3D v3.4.18.19475 the issue that the sim starts and then "vanishes" into nowhere. Task Manager shows P3D running, all other tools, which are related to P3D do also behave normal as P3D is running. It is not possible to restore the window - even not with ALT+Arrow to move a window, there is no window. = My computer behavoir exactly as this. - The 100% core utilisation sounds very odd indeed = same behavior here on my computer I'm wondering if this is specific to P3D3.4 HF2, so I'd welcome feedback from earlier P3D version users to tell us their results with 4.959, which after all is my only supported version. = I ran with P3D v3.4.18.19475 (not hf2) To Info: - complete new win10/64 computer installed. - Complete new P3D installed v3.4.18.19475. - Addons used Aerosoft-airbus/ezdok-v2/PMDG737-base/ORBX/Linda-v2.8.7 and fsuicp v4959 installed. - no other flightsim installed, like fsx/FSX-steam.. - uac is completely disable - run p3d as administrator, and also all installation was done with "right click" and run as administrator - P3D and all addons installed on dedicate hard-drive and all virusscan(both inline/path) disabled for these folders. - win10 updated with all win-updates/.net - lastest nvidia driver (GTX980) To fix: - Reinstall fsuicp v4959 - P3D will then start nicely on first atempt, but if i close P3D and want to start P3D again it fail as stated above. (even a computer reboot will not solve my issue, need to reinstall fsuicp and then p3d will start again.) To info: - during first time P3D installation, I used FSUIPC4 4.955 and didnt have any issue, after upgrade to 4959 issue started as descriped above. - If I remove FSUIPC4.DLL from the modules folder p3d start nicely. Hope this info can be to some help and diag this issue further. My log-files = https://rushfiles.one/client/publiclink.aspx?id=4BYFiK (if more info/logs needed let me know and I can send) Brgds Søren O.
  4. Hi, "Think" I have installed the MT as instructed, but it seems to have a quiet big hit on FPS...seems to "eat" half of my frames. (Goes from 30 to 12 fps when MT6 is enabled). Tried to reduce the Traffic down to 1%, but still seems to have a big impact. So my question is how do I disable MT6 in P3D or how can I verify its not running and consume some frames in P3D ? Ask because I have tried to remove it from scenery.cfg file and my P3D performance is still bad(12Fps), want to verify(be sure) it has been completely disabled. Because if MT6 is "disabled" .....something else has happened with my P3D and I need to troubleshoot further. To info: - Newly installed win10/P3D and MT - P3D v3.1 - MT6.0a - locked my FPS in P3D to 30. - Win10/64bit - UAC disabled in win10. - Antivirus excluded for P3D/MT and all addons. - P3D and all addons installed on a dedicated SSD disk. - Seems my fps dropped after MT6 was installed to P3D. (99% sure) Thanks for any help or advice. Brgds Søren
  5. even if you buyed this 5.4c the day before the new versjon 6 was released ? /S
  6. Will there be any discount for people that has buyed the 5.4c for a week ago ?
  7. Hi Thanks for the feedback, I didnt buy from simmarket. I have the Boxed vertion buyed from some local store where I live. possible to upgrade it somewhere else ? Brgds søren
  8. Hi I wonder ifs possible to upgrade my "MyTraffic X 5.1" to 5.4 ? or possible to get some cust reduction somewhere Brgds Søren
  9. Hi Are there any possibility to upgrade free from my MyTraffic X v5.1 to latest v5.4 ? Any comments please, Brgds Søren
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